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Happy Saturday friends!

Magan and I were very late to the party when it came to participating in Book Blogger Appreciation Week so we wanted to present you with a list of ways we like to show love for our fellow bloggers.

First and foremost, Magan and I started as fans of the book blogging community. Our love of books and the inspiration and fun we found on those blogs were the two reasons why we decided to team up and blog together in the first place. After almost a year, it’s surreal and wonderful to be fans and friends of many brilliant people in the community.

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite pals Alexa of Alexa Loves Books to come up with a list of how we like to make our bloggers know we appreciate their work and really value what they are saying. As a sidenote, it must be said that Alexa is very special to both Magan and I. When we were brand sparkley new, Alexa was one of the first to reach out and really make us feel so welcome in the community. Since then we have all shared brilliant burgers together, and she is one of my favorite buddies to attend book events with in New York. She’s enthusiastic about reading, she is a loyal commenter, and just all around one of the most down to earth and wonderful people you could meet.

Modern Love Note Cards from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Without further delay, the ways we like to make our fellow bloggers swoon a bit during the day:

  1. Goodreads is a great tool for a plethora of reasons, but one of my favorite is the “Recommended by” text box that you can edit with each book. In the past, I’ve kept a small notebook and marked where and who I read about it from heard about a book, but using Goodreads is just so much easier for me. It’s how I pick the books I’m going to read next and also the ones I’m going to borrow from the library. It’s always great to see that you were mentioned in someone’s review and they heard about the book from you first!
  2. There’s nothing like having a support system when you want to discuss a book you just finished or even while reading it. In the past, Magan has “bookclubbed” with fellow book friends, Elena and Alexa, about Cinder and Throne of Glass. Most recently, I’ve experienced play-by-plays withover Comeback Love (an adult fiction novel) and  even formulating discussion questions with Sasha over Stealing Parker. It really brings so much more depth to reading, and also feels like the best part of English class (a.k.a. no tests!).
  3. The best thing about books? They can lay the foundation for some great friendships. Alexa and I both love theater and New York City, while Tara and I are huge fans of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in Orlando. I have also finally found someone to talk to about Miley Cyrus. (That’s you, Elena.) Ginger and Magan both share a love for animals; Sasha and Magan are huge shopping fans. And then there is Mandee over at Vegan YA Nerds who we know to run to with all our nail polish needs.

So, I guess what we’d like for you to take away from this little post is that we love lovin’ on our friends. Our book buddies have become more than just bookish friends. Books have been a phenomenal starting point, but we’ve developed some pretty fabulous friendships through this little blog. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone and shower them with a great and thoughtful comment to let them know you appreciate them. Reading is an independent activity, but discussing books knits us together.

Don’t forget to check out Alexa’s Book Blogger Appreciation post about how she spreads the blogger love. Also, don’t be shy! If you have any tips or stories about spreading the love, let us know!

September 16, 2012 - 6:33 pm

Tara - If we keep finding more things in common I’m going to think we are long-lost sisters or something 🙂 I’m still reeling that we were at Harry Potter ON THE SAME DAY. Unreal.

September 16, 2012 - 11:20 am

elena - omg this post makes my sick self so happy!!! i’m so glad i found you girls, what did i do with my life before?? so much love for you both!!! love talking about books with you, m, and miley cyrus with you, e! <333

September 16, 2012 - 10:10 am

Lisa - I love all this love!

Totes agree with you that while the friendship may start with books, boy oh boy does it grow beyond that quickly!

September 16, 2012 - 9:06 am

April Books & Wine - Awww.

Alexa is super awesome!

I just needed to put that out there.

ALSO. I love all the blogs mentioned here. ALL OF THEM.

September 16, 2012 - 12:49 am

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September 16, 2012 - 12:32 am




These are a few of my faaavorite things. <3

But seriously, I love that books bring people together and form friendships in ways that geography limits most of the time. Mandee is all the way in Aussieland! And if hadn't been for a bookish conference in Texas (where I met M), I might never have linked up with E in NYC for dinner!

September 15, 2012 - 8:24 pm

Alexia561 - Great post! I only recently started using the “recommended by” option in Goodreads, so I can remember where I first saw the book and give credit where credit is due. Sharing the love is one of the reasons I love the book blogosphere! 🙂

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