A Slightly Book-ish Birthday Wish List

Birthdays always seem to sneak up on you, don’t they?

I can’t really it’s about time to celebrate mine again. (And when I say celebrate, I mean… kind of go about my business as I would any other day.) But I can’t resist putting together a wish list, especially since I had so much fun collaborating posts like this for the holidays.

Get ready, get set because I am going to make this list about books WITHOUT including any books. (Friends, I still have so many to read that I’m going to have to make them pay rent soon.)

Estelle's Birthday Wishlist 2013

1. Bombshell: Original Cast Recording (Smash): My birthday is actually the kick off of the new season of SMASH. A show I loved last year in the beginning until I just tolerated the craptastic storylines to hear the music and catch the Broadway cameos. The apple of my eye, Jeremy Jordan, will be joining the cast (and I am forced to share him with America so you are welcome, ladies) and I so can’t wait. But until then I will READ and listen to this recording at the same time.

2. Grace of Cakes Dress: You can’t just read a book in pajamas or jeans and a t-shirt! No way! My very enjoyment of a book is based on my wardrobe so hey, this dress would be perfect. (Okay, I’m lying but I sure would look adorable wearing this while reading a book, right?)

3. Austin Tote from Fossil: How gorgeous are the stripes on this bag? I can put books in here so easily plus it will remind me of my dear friend Magan who is from Austin! (That was too easy.)

4. Square Castle Print at ThimblePress: This lovely print is inspired by Disney’s It’s a Small World attraction + I absolutely adore it. Because well, it would be great to look at it while I’m reading, or perhaps it would look lovely above my bookcase. One or the other.

5. Coach Poppy Flower perfume: I have the rollerball of the Poppy + Poppy Flower perfumes and absolutely adore it. (Having a rollerball perfume in your purse is quite positively the best thing ever.) I just ran out of my Marc Jacobs Lola scent as my “day” option so it would be fun to have a full size so I can wear this one more and smell awesome while I’m reading. (See what I did there?)

6. Palm trees: Friends, warm weather and an ocean to swim in are quite possibly all I can think of these days. Plus I can read a lot of books without interruption. (As long as I don’t ignore my husband too much, right?)

7. Dinosaur Bookends from KnobCreekMetalArts: Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? Our apartment could use some fun bookends to spruce up that ever-growing stack of books. I think these would suit the husband and I just fine!


Okay, whew! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…

17 thoughts on “A Slightly Book-ish Birthday Wish List

  1. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    I just pictured you sitting under a palm tree, wearing that dress, tote in tow, smelling lovely, while listening to the SMASH soundtrack… and reading a book 🙂 Ha! Cute list, Estelle.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love your style in all aspects! I love how you tied in the different objects with reading even if they didn’t really go together (so clever!). That dress would look fabulous on you, I am sure.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Awesome wish list!!! I loooove that dress, it looks like a cupcake. And those bookends are sooo cute!!! =D I hope you get everything you wish for on your birthday Estelle!!

  4. Ashley @ Ashley Loves Books says:

    This is such a cute list (and I see what you did in all those descriptions 😉 haha) – I hope you get everything you’d like! There are tons of palm trees out here in California, a perfect little vacation spot…just thought I’d mention. You know. Also, that dress if adorable! I could never pull off the colours, but I’d get it just to have the pretty in my closet.

    Happy almost birthday!

  5. Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life says:

    Hahahaha, I love how you connected all of your birthday wishes to books, even if you didn’t have any books in your list. Which by the way, you have much more self-control than I do. Even with all of my books, I totally have more on my wishlist for my birthday. 😉 But that dress is seriously cute! I want one, so I can look cute while reading haha. And that purse is awesome for fitting books into. SO adorable.

    Have a FANTASTIC birthday Estelle!!

  6. Hannah @ So Obsessed With says:

    It’s almost my birthday too! WHOOP! And dude, how depressing is it to be an adult and have a birthday? My parents always let me skip school and I’d spend the day going fun things with my mom, and then I continued to skip in college when my birthday was on a weekday. The first time I had to work on my birthday it was like “WHAT?! WORLD, are you kidding me?!” So lame.

    Anyway, love that dress! And I kind of wish you were serious about your enjoyment of a book depending on what you were wearing because I would SO want to know more about that haha!

    TAKE ME TO THE BEACH WITH YOU. I know it’s probably warmer in Georgia than it is up north but oh gracious I just want the sun and heat and (surprise surprise) some Diet Coke, a book and the beach.

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