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You really never know who you are going to meet.

Case in point: Magan and I met in Austin in 2011 when I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ weddings and she was the amazing photographer. I was actually getting married the week after in New Jersey, and she asked me about the décor for the wedding. I remember she got all excited when I mentioned books since my husband and I are huge bookworms (and love to write).

Thanks to social media… we started following each other on Twitter, became friends on Facebook and slowly realized we have very similar tastes when it came to books (and a lot of other silly things like pumpkin candles and home decorating ). In fact, both of us had just finished reading The Hunger Games and going back and forth about multiple Emily Giffin books.

A few months later, Magan brought up the idea of starting a blog of book reviews. It seemed like the perfect situation. Both of us have pretty demanding schedules but together we thought we could handle maintaining and writing for a blog, and sharing our own recommendations and discoveries with the web. Thus, Rather Be Reading was born.

Our mission is pretty simple: we’ll post three reviews per week, one joint review every month, and will sporadically feature guest bloggers, as well as some other fun posts whenever inspiration strikes.

From two readers to another, we hope you enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “About Rather Be Reading

  1. Joleen Bell says:

    Just found our blog and I feel like I am in heaven!!!!!!!! This isan amazing resource for me. I am a teacher and avid reader as well. Merci ladies. I look forward to exploring your blog in more detail.

    Ps. Just finished Before I Fall. WOW.

  2. Nicole says:

    Just wanted to say hi (I only recently discovered your blog). Well done on a fun space that promotes reading. The world definitely needs more of these!

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi I love your website and I am wanting to create a website for myself and am an absolute beginner. I would love to know any tips you have or what website you used to make your website. Thank you also my name is Ashley Byrd

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