BEA Part of It 2014: The Crew + a Roundup

BEApartofitNYNY: Tips, tricks, and recommendations for those attending BEA and New York City.

Happy Sunday + Happy Mom’s Day to all the fun, awesome, nurturing moms out there! (Especially my lovely bff, Magan!) With just a few weeks left until BEA and your upcoming trips to NYC, we hope you enjoyed the BEA Part of It series this year! Today we are wrapping it up with our favorite NYC books/anticipated BEA releases/memorable NYC spots. Thanks so much for following along and be sure to add your own suggestions to the comments if we are missing something awesome! xoxo

alexa (alexa loves books)

Favorite NYC book: Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess! Picked this one because it’s fun to read, it features five girls who are friends and live together in Brooklyn and it very much reminds me of my experience as someone who moved to New York and is trying to carve out a life for one’s self.

Favorite NYC spot: the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, a part of the New York Public Library! I pass this building often when I’m heading to work, and it always reminds me of two things: (1) how awesomely epic architecture can be and (2) how much I love books. Plus, it’s fun to sit out in front of it in the summer, or to go in to visit the beautiful rooms or see special exhibits.

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elena (novel sounds)

fav NYC book: Eloise is my idol and she lives on the tippy-toppy floor of the Plaza Hotel. I love, love her because she’s a whirlwind of adventure, stomping around in her signature black Mary Janes. The Plaza always seemed so magical to me because of Eloise. She’s a fashion icon and literary icon and one of the most delightful children’s icons ever. And she’s only six! 

dying for BEA: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

fav NYC spot: il laboratorio del gelato is an NYC must for me. they changed their flavors daily and they such a wide range that there’s something for everyone. my personal favs that I’ve tried are apple calvados, honey lavender, and tarragon. this holds a special place in my heart because I always go here with friends! plus, the famous Katz’s is right next to it and a SoHo is a short walk away. perfect all around!

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estelle (rather be reading blog)

Favorite NYC Book: Going to go for a “grown up” pick. How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo is a pre-9/11 novel about a girl moving to NYC to write about music. She falls in love with a rock star, 9/11 happens, and things get a little crazy from there. This book is about making your dreams coming true in the big apple + also finding our a lot about yourself. One of my most treasured books.

Favorite NYC Spot: Battery Park + Table Green kiosk. My husband and I actually discovered this spot during last year’s BEA weekend. For those of you who weren’t in town, OMIGOSH it was so hot, so warm… I think I was just sweating and never stopped. We decided to take a break, go sit near the water, and just relax + it really did cool us down. Gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty, lots of interesting tourists to people watch, and some nice local brews at Table Green (near a fountain! a few weeks after this we went to the fountain and just got soaked). It’s a really nice little spot just to sit back and relax. (Oh, and read too.)

Battery Park Rather Be Reading Blog

gaby (queen ella bee reads)

Favorite NYC Book(s): Also Known As by Robin Benway and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (It’s a tie, sorry, I can’t follow rules). As a native, I’m always afraid New York books will make me mad, but Robin Benway and Gayle Forman totally get NYC. Also Known As pokes at the hidden nooks and crannies of the city. It makes you feel like an insider – Robin Benway should seriously give tours. Gayle Forman should also give tours (perhaps they should give tours TOGETHER?). The places Mia takes Adam in Where She Went are so perfect. I’d love to follow that path. Oh, and these books I’ve mentioned? They’re absolutely fantastic. Also Known As is perfect for quirky spy book lovers and Where She Went is what’s up for the feels – and those who’ve already read If I Stay.

(Notable Third Favorite: The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle. That’s it. I promise.)

Favorite NYC Spot: My official favorite NYC Spot is the path along the Hudson on the Upper West Side – North of 91st and right around the Boat Basin on 79th (the in between bit is pure bike/running path, no room for lounging). I love being on the water. The sounds and smells are so comforting and it’s the best place to read. It’s also the best path to bike up and down during the summer (as noted in other posts). Nothing makes me happier on a not-too-hot Sunday than filling my bike’s basket with snacks and books and just going.

But honestly, the most important thing to remember about NYC is that I can tell you where to go or what to do but the best thing is to just wander. Don’t eat at a chain, don’t follow instructions to the letter, and get a little lost. NYC is huge and, who knows? Maybe you’ll find something awesome I’ll want to try!

jamie (perpetual page turner)

Fav NYC spot: I really just like hanging out in Central Park a whole lot and eating or reading or just hanging. Especially as a non-native I feel like I’m constantly finding a new favorite “spot” in Central Park!

Fav NYC book is Dash & Lily…I just loved traipsing across the city with them around Christmas time! Plus the book made me giggle quite a bit + YAY CHRISTMAS TIME READ!

Perpetual Page Turner

rachel (hello, chelly)

Favorite NYC Spot: The Flatiron Building. There’s nothing super special about this particular spot although the Flatiron Building is a NYC landmark. But this is my favorite place! It’s both pretty and comforting to me, at least. My first job was right around the corner from here and I worked there for 8 years so this is a very familiar spot to me. I’ve walked past it every day. Had coffee with friends in the seating area next to it. Plus there’s a lot of shopping, Books of Wonder and Madison Square Park (Shake Shack!) nearby.


Favorite NYC Book: Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I don’t know why but I totally blanked on which books take place in NYC. I had to look up a list on Goodreads and when I saw Where She Went by Gayle Forman, it immediately jumped out at me. When I read it, I remember feeling like I was walking through NYC with Mia and Adam because I knew all the landmarks they mentioned. In fact, I think it’s time for a re-read considering the movie is coming out!

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Big thanks to these ladies for taking on this project with me! Have fun at BEA, pals! And don’t forget
to take a moment and make the most of your time in NYC! It’s one of the best cities ever. Muah!

7 thoughts on “BEA Part of It 2014: The Crew + a Roundup

  1. April Books & Wine says:

    I love this whole feature series. I’ve decided I am going to one of those ice cream places and the macbar and high line and central park. I have like two really slow BEA nights — Tuesday and Friday. This will happen and it will be awesome.

  2. Alexa S. says:

    Hurrah! This series was so much fun to read and write for, and I’m glad we ended up doing it again. I’m especially loving this last collaborative post – it’s awesome to see everyone’s picks 🙂

  3. alice-jane says:

    I love this round up of fave places + books around NYC from bloggers! I’m agreeing with Jaime on the Central Park one! I always find new places in Central Park every time I go to NYC and it’s always so magical!

  4. Judith says:

    This is such a lovely post! I adored this feature and it makes me want to visit NYC EVEN MORE! (It’s my ultimate dream.) One day I will be there and we will meet and it will be glorious!

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