Happy Harlequin Holidays! (Mini Reviews + Giveaway)

Tis the season to be jolly! Hi, friends! Today kicks off a fun month for Magan and I. We shake up our schedule like our favorite snowglobe and sprinkle in a ton of fun posts including ones like this — holiday themed! Woo. I cannot wait. We have a ton of great stuff for you (and on our other social media platforms) but what’s better after a long weekend than a fine romance with a bit jingle thrown in? We also have an amazing giveaway provided by Harlequin at

Harlequin Holiday Romances Reviews at Rather Be Reading Blog

Tis the Season by Robyn Carr ( web | tweet )

Unlike other holiday romances I’ve read so far this year, Tis the Season is made up of 3 novellas — 2 of which are holiday themed and the other is a bonus set in the spring. Carr presents great stories about second chances; one taking place during Christmas and the other on New Year’s Eve. Newborn puppies are involved. Do I need to say more?

Even though the extra novella didn’t fit the theming of the book, it was an adorable story of a cunning mom who tries her hand at matchmaking her daughter and her handy guy. Turns out the two have a history they thought no one knew about. Whoops! The zany antics in this one made me smile.

For a quick read to get you into the Christmas spirit, Tis the Season means three times the kissing, the snowflakes, and small town charm.

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Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan ( web | tweet )

I don’t ski, and I have no plan of ever skiing but a ski resort sounds like a place even I would like to hang out during the winter months — as long as I was drinking hot cocoa near a fire in very warm socks. Snow Crystal Resort has faced some challenges of late, and the O’Neill family hopes the season will not only bring good cheer but lots of business. Maybe making ex-professional skier Tyler and his best friend, Breanna, faces of the slopes will help, amongst other things. Tyler can’t imagine anything better than working side by side with his oldest friend, but Breanna is a little shaken up because she cannot control her feelings for him anymore.

Who doesn’t want best friends to fall in love during the holidays? Thanks to some interference from Breanna’s friends; she suddenly finds herself homeless with the only solution to take a room in Tyler’s house with his teenage daughter. It’s been so long since I read a romance novel about a single dad, and, oh my god, I loved Jess and how funny she was. She was always busting her dad’s chops and making him uncomfy with girl talk. Made me laugh out loud plenty of times.

Unbeknownst to Brenna, Tyler has been fighting his attraction to her for a long time too but he’s scared to ruin their solid friendship. After all they have been through, he fears getting serious with the one person he could always depend on to be there for him is just not the answer. Or is it? Morgan gives us a great slow burn romance against the backdrop of a bustling ski slope and some really great side characters. (I loved the French cook.)

I’m ashamed to say I bought one of Sarah’s books last winter and I have yet to read it, but you better believe, I’m moving it to the top of my pile.

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The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery ( web | tweet )

Nothing says the holidays like bumping into old friends, although… it’s not merely a coincidence when Molly sets out to find Dylan, her sister’s high school boyfriend she was always crushing. Way back when, he promised her an adventure when she needed one most and she hopes he’s ready to pay up. In a stroke of perfect timing, Dylan is ready to take a break from civilization too and agrees to accompany her out of town so they both can catch the breather they need.

Even though Molly keeps a few secrets under her belt, her and Dylan fall into an easy friendship sprinkled with moments of chemistry. Don’t be grossed out. She may have been too young for him when he was dating her sister, but their relationship is definitely a possibility now. A fact that scares both of them. But with Molly dealing with a lot of insecurity and Dylan worrying about his future, will they ever get it together?

As always, Mallery creates a sweet love story and deals so sensitively with a sub-plot line — I was totally impressed by how well-detailed it was. With sweet Christmas details and the drama you would expect from any romance novel, it was definitely worth the one-sitting read.

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The Mistletoe Melody by Jennifer Snow ( web | tweet )

I’m officially a Jennifer Snow fan. Country music, holidays, strong characters, and a great story = The Mistletoe Melody. Melody is a single mom raising her twins; her husband was killed a few years ago in a car accident caused by his best friend, Brad. After years of ditching his hometown during the holidays, Brad is back in town filming a special for a country music special and is still reeling from this tragedy head-on. Running into Melody is never easy because even though she was so in love with his best friend, they had always been close friends, and also worked together musically. Neither of them can forget about the accident.

Melody is a pretty private person and it’s not easy for her to ask for help, even when the bank is threatening to foreclose on her house. But even when Brad asks her to pen a song for him, she’s reluctant to say yes and starting dreaming some of her old dreams. Can she move on from the past and put her faith into her music and Brad? I love how devoted Melody was to making a great life for her sons, and how Snow folded in a sub-plot featuring the kids too. The romance was slow and sexy, and super well done for a book where a widow falls for her dead husband’s best friend and vice versa.

If you are looking for a book that is charming and sweet and almost-Christmas Carol-esque (especially from Brad’s point of view), The Mistletoe Melody is a must.

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The lovely & generous folks at Harlequin have an amazing prize for one of our readers: a pack of 5 holiday paperbacks, an eBook, and ornaments. Perfect for a cozy winter night of reading.

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The Good Girl by Mary Kubica (Interview + Giveaway)

The Good Girl by Mary KubicaThe Good Girl by Mary Kubica ( web | tweet )
Publication Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Pages: 352
Target audience: Adult
Keywords: thriller, kidnapping, family secrets, love
Format read: Finished copy sent to me by the Publisher. (Thanks!)

Summary: Mia, a school teacher, disappears one night in a bar. In a series of flashbacks from the perspectives of some of the most important people in her life, readers experience the kidnapping, the search to find her, and the aftermath.

First things first, The Good Girl has been compared to Gone Girl a ton. I haven’t read Gone Girl yet so I can’t supply a comparison. But let me say this… on its own, The Good Girl may be a labeled as a thriller but it’s possibly one of the most heartbreaking books I’ve read all year.

In a very sneaky, I can’t believe I’m falling for this type of way.

Debut writer Mary Kubica challenges her readers to believe the unbelievable in this scary tale of a young teacher who goes missing from a bar. Her captor,  actually assigned to deliver her to someone else, “saves” her from what was promised to be a terrible fate and hides her away in a cabin. I know what you are thinking. Does this mean her captor has a conscience of some kind? How benevolent is this move really if she is still technically stolen?

I was seesawing between these two questions (and many more) as I read deeper into the story. In addition to the perspective of the kidnapper, we also meet Mia’s mom, heartbroken over her daughter and the way she has handled motherhood. It’s obvious that a dire situation like this is going to change many people, but Kubica did a fantastic job of pacing how the characters evolved and moved forward since Mia’s kidnapping. Continually, I would go back and forth, sympathizing with some characters and really disliking them. It was that kind of story: everyone’s flaws are on display.

If you are looking for a book to keep you planted in one place and totally test how you feel about everything, The Good Girl is your answer. Kubica has created a well-written and engrossing story, full of twists and turns not only limited to action-packed scenes but emotional ones too.

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A chat with Mary Kubica!

Mary Kubica, author "The Good Girl"First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions, Mary! I thought The Good Girl was fantastic and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with others! Now that it’s been a few weeks since the release, how are you feeling? Is it still unbelievable to see your debut out in stores?

Thank you for having me!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a guest here at Rather Be Reading, and thanks so much for your kind words about The Good Girl.

Yes, it is still unbelievable to see my book at stores!  I’m not entirely sure if or when I’ll stop being surprised to see the image of Mia on store displays – or my name on the cover of a book for that matter.  It’s been such a thrill.  There was such a great build up for The Good Girl’s release, and so much time spent waiting and wondering what would happen when my novel was finally shared with the world – and then suddenly it was off and running, and between a small bookstore tour and other promotional activities, it’s been a whirlwind – in the very best sense of the word.  It’s been so much fun.  The best part is that I’m just finishing up my second novel and am looking forward to reliving the whole process all over again – though this time I’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

You’ve created a very calculated mystery in The Good Girl, what was the biggest challenge in keeping your reader on their toes but not giving away too much?

It takes a bit of work to set the stage for a big reveal that with both catch the reader off guard and seem entirely plausible to the reader once they’ve reached the end of the book.  You don’t want to divulge too much that the reader sees the ending coming, and yet as an author, you need to lay the groundwork so that later on the reader can look back through the novel and connect the dots.  This can be tricky, and certainly required a few rounds of edits while writing The Good Girl.  But I was thrilled when it all finally came together.

I was shocked at how utterly heartbreaking this book was. I think we expect thrillers to be scary but there is also a lot loss in this book. But from the very beginning you know it’s going to be a very unconventional kind of story. What perspective was the hardest to write?

I would say Colin’s was the hardest character to write because he was the character I could relate to the least.  He’s a rough man with a troublesome past, something I don’t have a lot of experience with.  I definitely had to search outside of my comfort zone to find Colin, but once I did, his story became easier to write.  For the same reasons, Mia’s mother Eve was the easiest to write because she was the character I found I had the most in common with.

One character who is surprisingly sticking with me is Mia’s sister. She was so dismissive and detached from Mia throughout the story. Did you start out with creating a fractured relationship between the two or was it something that developed over time?

Mia is portrayed as the black sheep of the Dennett family, and as such, she needed to have a fractured relationship with ever member of her family.  Her sister, Grace, though a minor role, is certainly at odds with Mia.  If Mia is the black sheep, then Grace is the pride and joy of the family.  She is everything Mia is not, and everything Mia’s father wishes she could be.  Their relationship was that way from the get go, though if anything I softened it ever so slightly while writing the novel to give Grace a bit of dimension.

I read in an interview that you were a huge fan of the Baby-Sitters Club when you were younger. Me too! Who is your favorite character and which of the baby-sitters do you think is most like Mia, your main character?

I loved the Baby-Sitters Club books!  My sister and I actually formed our own babysitters club with a handful of neighborhood girls when I was younger, and passed out fliers around the neighborhood and earned ourselves quite a few babysitting gigs!  It was great.  I have to admit that I’ve forgotten many of the details of the books over the years, but I’m looking forward to the day my daughter is old enough that we can share them together.  For the characters, I’d say that Mia is most like Claudia for her artsy, individualistic nature, and for myself I’d pick Kristy because growing up I was the one most likely to start my own club – also the one who could be a bit bossy at times when I didn’t get my way!

For a final fun question: which actors would you cast in a film version of The Good Girl? (Don’t forget Mia’s mom because, despite her flaws, I think she was my favorite character.)

I love this question and, trust me, it’s once I’ve considered many times!  For James and Eve Dennett, Mia’s father and mother, I’d choose Victor Garber and Helen Mirren.  These were, by far, the easiest to decide.  For Gabe Hoffman, the lead detective on the case of the missing Mia Dennett, I’d choose Dylan McDermott, and for Mia’s abductor, Colin, either Jeremy Sisto or James Franco.  And finally, for Mia herself, I’d cast Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence as the starring role in the film.


Thanks so much to Mary for the extra insight into her writing and The Good Girl! I can’t wait for your next book.

Bonus! The awesome, generous people at Harlequin have supplied us with a copy of The Good Girl for a lucky winner.
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A Glimpse Inside Lola’s Bedroom (#IslaIsComing)

IslaIsComing for Isla and the Happily Ever After

You can learn a lot about someone by their room. Don’t you think?

It’s been really fun to take the time to read Anna + Lola back-to-back for the first time in forever. Did you remember how super neat Anna was? (She can give Danny Tanner a run for his money.) Or how all-over-the-place messy Lola was? It’s the discoveries of these small details that make a re-read-along so much fun. We are granted the opportunity to get to know our favorite characters all over again.

So welcome to Rather Be Reading and our stop on the #IslaIsComing tour (huge hugs to Andi ABCs, Cuddlebuggery, Perpetual Page Turner, IDEK_Linz, and Paper Riot for throwing this stellar celebration!), and most importantly, welcome to the colorful, energetic, artsy place that is Lola’s San Francisco sanctuary. (Guys, it’s where the magic happens!)

lola and the boy next door bedroom guide

Purple Wig | Blue Wig | Red Wig | Anthropologie Glace Crackle Shelf | White Mannequins

Red Sari Bedroom Inspiration

Goodnight Moon Print | Marie Antoinette Print | Elle Floral Area Rug

Pink Desk Inspiration | My Fair Lady Poster | Fred Astaire + Ginger Rogers Poster


We’re practically fawning over that desk and the canopy. Aren’t you?

Another fabulous Lola discovery (otherwise excluded in the above graphic) is the great friendship between our main girl and her best friend, Lindsey. They have Nancy Drew nicknames! They dress up like the other on Halloween, and they accept each other as they are. Why are they so underrated on gal pals? We must promise to remember them more!

Anyway… It’s no secret that Stephanie Perkins’ books hold a special place in Rather Be Reading’s heart. Way way back, when the two of us had just met once, one of our earlier Twitter conversations was about how much we loved Anna and just like that, magic happened once again.

Anna Lola Isla

Because we want you to share the wonderfulness of this series with your best friends (or someone you haven’t met yet?), we want to give you a chance to win a full set of these gorgeous books. Whether you keep them for yourself or surprise someone special, we hope you cherish them as much as we have. To win: leave a comment below.  That’s it. Open internationally. Must be 13 years old to enter. Giveaway will conclude on Friday, 8/15 at 11:59pm EST.

Thanks so much for stopping by to celebrate LOLA with us, as well as
the fabulous release of Isla and the Happily Ever After. xoxo

Susan Mallery Appreciation Day + Evening Stars Review/Giveaway

Susan Mallery Appreciation DayYay! Welcome to Susan Mallery Appreciation Day, celebrating the romance writer who got me back into the romance genre a little over two years ago! I’m happy to spread the love and share a review of her latest, Evening Stars. (Spoiler alert: it’s really good.) To Susan, thanks for all the fun and I look forward to more sweet and sexy moments in your books!

MalleryEvening Stars by Susan Mallery ( web | tweet )
Part of the Blackberry Island series. (For reference I did not read Book 2.)
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Pages: 368
Target audience: Adult romance
Keywords: sisters, mother/daughters, old romance, moving forward
Format read: ARC from Publisher via NetGalley. (Thanks!)

Summary:  At thirty, Nina is tired of having to take control of everything like her Peter Pan syndrome mother and her younger sister, Averil, who she is always fighting with. When Averil returns to Blackberry Island for an undisclosed amount of time, escaping a life that should make her happy but doesn’t for some reason, everything starts to hit the fan. Add in two mysterious men from Nina’s last, an antique store hanging by a thread, and an unexpected treasure and this family is forced to make some decisions about their futures and their connection to one another.

You have to be the queen of your own life.

This is a theme in Evening Stars, and I loved it. While Mallery’s latest does give a reader a great fill of romance, this book is really about different generations of women in one family owning their mistakes, taking responsibility for their futures, and finding the confidence to stand by their decisions and accept happiness.

The truth is it can be downright annoying for the people in your life and for yourself when you just cannot make a decision. Why are you unhappy in your career or your marriage? Why can’t you reevaluate the roles with the people in your family and just lean on each other? When people are stuck in this purgatory of indecision, there are a lot of repetitive excuses, actions, and conversations until someone decides to take the plunge and move forward. Nina, Averil, and their mother, Bonnie, ping pong between past and future a lot during Evening Stars but it only helps them to breakdown their weaknesses and discover what it is that they need.

Nina and her family own an antique store on Blackberry Island, and it was one of my favorite settings in the book. I get so caught up in places in books that need a little TLC and it was great to read about the progress of the store once they made a new hire, and even after a certain, unassuming painting makes a big splash. This painting catapults Nina and her family into unexpected conflict and it was a great catalyst, as it brought many truths to light.

Evening Stars does switch POV between Nina and Averil, who is taking a break from her marriage and trying decide what she needs to make her life feel more fulfilled. Her and Nina fight like cats and dogs because they continue to go back to the big sister / little sister dynamic and fail to really grasp on to some kind of friendship. It was interesting to see them work through this, and this is what I like about the Blackberry Island books over the Fool’s Gold series — we get a better glimpse into familial relationships and fuller pictures of the characters.

In addition to all the above, Nina is balancing a romance with a surprising guy from her past (he’s super suave and charming) and the return of her first love, who totally broke her her heart. It’s rare to see this kind of pseudo-love triangle (I say this because it was very calm and not like she was actively going between the two. It was more emotional.) in a novel like this and I was very curious how Mallery would wrap it up. (Unsurprisingly, there was one guy I was rooting for the whole time.)

Evening Stars was definitely full of high drama but it was well-balanced by a cute puppy, relatable insecurities, that awesome antique store, and the adorable community of Blackberry Island.

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The lovely folks at Harlequin are providing a copy of Evening Stars to a U.S. or Canadian resident! Be sure to enter below!

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Happy Birthday, Dawn Schafer (+ Giveaway!)

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Baby-Sitters Club series since my parents bought me a four-pack of the books back when I was in elementary school. One of my best Christmases ever! But for some reason, even though I was nothing like her, Dawn became my absolute favorite member of the club. Introduced in Book 4, Dawn moves to Stonybrook with her mom and brother, leaving behind sunny California, her best friend (coincidentally named Sunny), and her father. She ate healthy foods, she dressed casually, her hair was super long and blonde, and Mary Anne was her best friend. She got to go to Disneyland when she visited her dad in California (I was always so jealous), and could surf!

And back in fifth grade, I desperately wanted to change my name from Estelle to Dawn. (See? Serious obsession.)

As luck would have it, Dawn and I do have a little bit in common. We share a birthday. Isn’t that wild? So on this day, I’m celebrating for both of us. (Can you believe it’s her 40th birthday? Eek!) Here are a few goodies I might send Dawn if I ever got her address:

Sidenote: As I put this together, I started to think about how I always imagined the Baby-Sitters Club gals as these idols I could never catch up to in experience, age, and maturity. But for some reason when I was piecing together this character gift exchange, I finally was thinking of Dawn as the same age as me. It’s crazy how she seems so frozen in time to me after all of these years.

Character Gift Exchange Happy Birthday Dawn Schafer

Gap Bomber Jacket: Dawn always had a casual style + she wore a ton of jean on her book covers so this just seems to be perfect for her.

Floral Mesh Bracelet from Kate Spade: If only, if only… I had a money tree. Simple enough to fit Dawn’s taste but pretty enough to make a statement no matter what you are wearing. I am in love with it.

Paletas: Authentic Recipes: If you remember, Dawn is a total health food nut but she must have a sweet on her birthday! These recipes are made with fresh fruit and perfect for the warmer February days in California.

Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar: If you stuck around for the California Diaries by Ann Martin (after Dawn decided to permanately return to her home state), you would remember the series’ darker tones. Dawn loved to surf, loved the water, and I think she really would have liked this book.

Letterpress Connecticut Card: You can’t forget your childhood. While I don’t think Dawn would have ever moved back to Stoneybook, I’d like to think she had a way of memorializing wherever she was living right now. Subtle, pretty, and a lot of meaning.

And if you want to relive the glory days of Dawn, these are a few of my favorites:

Favorite Baby-Sitters Club Books starring Dawn Schafer

Dawn and the Impossible Three | Dawn on the Coast | California Diaries: Book 1 | California Girls! (Super Special)

Gosh, these totally bring me back… I need to schedule time for a re-read! (Yes, it’s true… I still own some of these!)

And for you dear reader, I’m thinking about today as my new year’s. A time to start fresh and just enjoy. Much of my goals this year revolving around less is more, staying present, and getting serious about the areas in my life that could use some work. So today, I want to pay it forward. This is a different kind of giveaway but I hope that you enjoy it. Thanks so much for your support over the past two years and taking time out of your day to hang out with us!

This giveaway will have five winners; these are the prizes:

1. A handcrafted book cover card made by me for you. (Cover of your choice.)
2. Tell me your birthday and you will receive a special surprise in the mail from me when your day comes.
3. Are you a huge BSC fan like I was? Tell me your favorite baby-sitter + I’ll send you a fun care package!
4. A nail color of your choice from Julep (along with a surprise add-on).
5. Last but certainly not least, I will pre-order one lucky person a book that blew me away (and doesn’t come out until May): Life By Committee by Corey Ann Haydu.

Please note the terms + conditions! This one is a little different…

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Good luck (!!) + have a fantastic Wednesday!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Rather Be Reading!

estelle and magan celebrate two years of blogging at rather be reading

Today is a super duper exciting day for us! (Well, technically November 1st was.) WE HAVE BEEN BLOGGING FOR TWO YEARS! Holy cow, you guys. Where has time gone? How have we been at this for TWO years already? As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun” and that definitely seems true when you’re doing something amazing with one of your best friends in the whole wide world.

We thought we’d highlight a few of our favorite moments since we began. So, so much has happened and it’s nice to reflect on all we’ve done and look back on the hard work and love we’ve poured into our little corner of the world wide web. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a giveaway at the end, too. How could we NOT celebrate with books?


Favorite Personal Posts


Magan's Pregnancy Announcement



It kind of goes without saying that one of my favorite moments to get to share with you guys was announcing my pregnancy. My whole body was shaking that day as I read your comments, received your tweets/texts, and sobbed as I was so overwhelmed by your excitement for Dustyn and I. BEST FREAKING DAY EVER.






On a Personal Note The Internet and I Screencap


I’m not going to lie… this post was really hard to write. But I guess it’s kind of inevitable after investing so much of my time into two internet communities for the past two years to come away with a few lessons. This post might be about friendships, people not being who you think they are, but it’s also a lot about what I want out of my own “internet” experience and how it’s impossible for it not to mesh into my real life. (I have to say, I received some of the most thoughtful comments on this one and I loved reading all of them.)



Favorite Blogging Posts


A Beginner's Guide to Austin TX


Our Beginner’s Guidebook to Austin, TX is a relatively new post to Rather Be Reading and there were several I wanted to pinpoint (like our YA Yearbook post or our crafting post), but I loved that this one was so interactive and part of my city, Austin, TX, and that I got to explore and HANG OUT WITH ESTELLE. That’s not something we get to do frequently together because we’re separated by (too many) miles. This post is photographic evidence of the fun we had and the memories we made.







NA Slumber Party Screencap


NA Slumber Party is a relatively new adventure that I have been so so so happy to be a part of. It’s honestly a testament to some wonderful, talented, hilarious people in this community. I get to read a book I probably wouldn’t normally pick up and share it with Asheley, Betty, Kelly, and Cassie. It’s a total blast, and checking out 3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore was so blush-worthy and fantastic… and just goes to show, you never know what’s going to happen when you team up with people. This is one of those happy accidents that I’m so grateful for.




Favorite Reads


Magan's Review of Winger by Andrew Smith



One of the most impactful books I’ve read this year is Winger by Andrew Smith. It was unique, fresh, hilarious, and a little bit sad, too. Talk about walking me through a gamut of emotions — this book did it. If you haven’t read it, add it to your TBR list yesterday. Or now. (Honorable mentions: manicpixiedreamgirl by Tom Leveen / Golden by Jessi Kirby / If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin)





Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg Screenshot


I think it’s really funny than Magan and I both picked books with male narrators (something I always feel that is lacking in YA lit). There are too many books I could spotlight for this prompt but seriously Openly Straight hit me like a ton of bricks and has not left my brain. I loved main character Rafe who just wants to be a normal guy, his relationships with the guys at his new boarding school, and his freaking fantastic parents. Konigsberg is one of my favorite discoveries of the year & I cannot stop recommending this book to THE WORLD. (Runner up is OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu. Make me happy and go pick these titles up. Thanks!)


Our Celebratory Giveaway

We’ve taken forty books from our bookshelves to gift four winners. That’s ten books to each winner! All entrants must be 13 years of age or older and reside in the U.S. or Canada. Here are the books we’ll be giving away:

two year book blogging anniversary

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Thank you to all of our Rather Be Reading readers for continuing to be so encouraging and supportive.
Thank you for every comment, every post you read, every book recommendation — all of it. Thank you!

Join us this evening, 11/5, for our anniversary Twitter chat.
Follow us @ReadingGals and use hashtag #RBRbash!
We’ll see you there to talk all things books, boys, etc. at 9pm EST!