I’m Estelle a.k.a. the one from New York + co-founder/reviewer/reader of Rather Be Reading Blog.

Thanks so much for stopping in! I’ll try not to bore you with too many details about myself. Basically, I’ve been a dedicated reader since I was in elementary school and I love that years and years later, I am a part of a community that embraces my inner nerd. (If only I could have told myself that would happen in middle school.)

When I’m not reading,  I love everything Disney-related, seeing theater, and hanging out with my husband and our crazy, scared-of-everything cat, Pepper. I’ve been known to be a huge shopaholic, I buy too many dresses, and I love to bake. (Even though I’m pretty messy when I do it. The end result is always good, I promise!) I also adore the color yellow, nail polish, baseball season, and trying new beers.


Here are a few other factoids about my reading habits:

Go-to YA authors: Sarah Ockler, Jennifer E. Smith, Tara Altebrando, Melissa Walker, Morgan Matson
Other author favorites: Judy Blume, Ann M. Martin, Melissa Bank, Joan Didion, Truman Capote, Tiffanie DeBartolo
I still haven’t read: The Twilight series (and I probably never will)
Where I do most of my reading: before bed or during lunch at work
Favorite Baby-sitters Club sitter: Dawn

And some random ones:

Vacation spot of choice: Disney theme park or any beach
Actress I obsess over: Miley Cyrus! (Really. I love her.)
What I’m listening to: Normally country music or Disney World audio.
Favorite beer: Tough one. I dislike IPAs, but I have grown to love Stouts.
Every week: I have pizza and beer Fridays with my husband.
Someday: I would love to write a book.

Oh hey, if you are looking for me more on the interwebs, I also run a Disney blog: This Happy Place Blog.

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