Estelle: A Book Lover’s Shopping List

With Thanksgiving officially behind us, I can finally focus on my absolute favorite time of the year — Christmas! Sometimes I wish I lived in a world where I can sing Christmas carols all year round, be best friends with Santa, and spend my time fulfilling the wish lists of some fantastic people. Instead, I will listen to carols during my work day, browse and give into the awesome sales, craft some cards, drink many peppermint mochas, and decorate my house like I live in the North Pole. While I’m in the spirit, and now that Cyber Monday is here, I thought it would be fun to assemble of list of must-buys for any book lover. Hope you’ll enjoy a few of my suggestions! Happy holidays everyone! Magan and I are looking forward to sharing them with you!

How cute is this shirt from Threadless? Comes in both guy & gal styles!

I don’t know about you but I’m sort of a bag lady. Like a cute, adorable one, of course. I saw someone in my office building’s elevator with a STRAND canvas the other day, and while this isn’t the exact one… it’s just as fun and perfect for carrying books (or lots of candy canes) anywhere you need to go.

Since I bought my new Nook (the Simple Reader), I’ve been pretty bummed with their selection of covers over at Barnes & Noble. I’m still waiting for Kate Spade to design a few for the new size. In the meantime, my pal Rachel (another blogger!) sent me this link and I’ve been drooling over these handmade babies for awhile. (This Etsy seller makes them in just about every size you can imagine!) Santa, can you hear me? I also really love these. (They just don’t make them for the Nook.)

I probably have just as many blank journals laying around as I do bags. I’m always stalking the section at our bookstore, and telling myself I don’t need another. BUT I DO. This one is pretty awesome.

Now here’s the big splurge. I wish I had the money for this one. Kate Spade is awesome, but unfortunately, I can only afford her when she’s having a sale. Like the Sample sale. (Awesome!) But how how how amazing is this clutch?

And just because I just got done re-reading Lola & the Boy Next Door, here’s something a little silly that I just purchased for myself.

Trust me when I say… it smells amazing!

So what about you? What are your favorite gifts to receive as a reader? Or to give to other book lovers? I want to know! Even if my wallet doesn’t want to hear it…

Happy Cyber Monday everyone!

UPDATE: As I was clicking through the Barnes & Noble website, I discovered Kate Spade HAS made some new covers for the Simple Reader, as well as Jonathan Adler. Absolutely love them!

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