Estelle: Big Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller

Big Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller: August 2013 Harlequin romanceBig Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller  ( web | tweet )
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Target audience: Adult
Keywords: life changes, ranch, romance, baggage
Format read: ARC from Publisher via NetGalley. (Thanks!)
Other book I reviewed by Linda Lael Miller: Big Sky Summer

Summary: Celeb heartthrob Zane Sutton is escaping Hollywood for his neglected ranch in Montana. He doesn’t plan to have his half-brother, Nash, in toe or the mysterious Brylee, living on the ranch next to his. Brylee hasn’t fully moved on since she was jilted at the altar, even though it seems like everyone else has. She’s a workaholic and has been totally avoiding going out with her best girlfriends, yet for some reason she can’t stop thinking about Zane despite their awkward first meeting. Is she capable of moving forward for good?

I think it’s a pretty fair statement to say that you don’t want to meet the man of your dreams when you are literally hugging a tree.

Right? Not exactly the best first impression.

This is how it all starts for Zane and Brylee. It’s one of those situations where they can’t stop thinking about each other after that first, very strange meeting. But things are standing in their way, of course. Zane is focused on settling down on his ranch and unexpectedly integrating his younger brother into his life. (Their dad is known for leaving his kids for long periods of time.)  And though it’s been years since Brylee had been publicly embarrassed when she was left at the altar, she hasn’t moved forward much and, instead, dedicates most of her time and energy to her business.

This is only my second Miller romance, and while I really liked Big Sky Summer, I did like this book more. I think Zane and Brylee were more relatable characters and I liked how the author chose to focus on the lives of these two characters that were undoubtably filled with more than just a budding romance. (In fact, my one complaint is that the romance happens too close to the end and the good stuff felt rushed.) Miller is so fantastic at making her setting shine: the horseback riding, the small town feel, the cowboy hats. I don’t think I’ve ever has a desire to visit Montana and after reading her books, I’m ready to pack my bag.

Let’s be real, folks. A title like Big Sky Wedding pretty much tells us how things are going to turn out, but how Zane and Brylee actually get there? It’s not melodramatic, it’s not over the top unrealistic, it just sort of is. Of course, there’s a good amount of hotness thrown in with some “eff you” heels and a killer red dress. But I don’t want to give too much away. Except there is one detail at the end of the book that really surprised me, and that I thought was a pretty awesome decision on behalf of the gentlemanly Zane.

Oh, and any book that has the line “kiss me cowboy” is a must-read for me.

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7 thoughts on “Estelle: Big Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller

  1. Kai W. says:

    There are two places I would love to revisit. They are Ojai (in Southern California) and Half Moon Bay (up near San Francisco). I found them to be quite calm and quiet without the hussle and bussle of the city.

  2. Alexa Y. says:

    Cowboys! A ranch! This book sounds like a positively escapist sort of read, as I’ve never really met a cowboy or gone to real ranch. I’m glad that the relationship and how it develops is done fairly well, and it’s also great that each character has their own challenges to deal with.

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