Estelle: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Crash Into You by Katie McGarryCrash Into You by Katie McGarry ( web | tweet )
Publication Date: 11/26/2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 474
Target audience: Young adult
Keywords: parents, cars, foster children
Format read: ARC borrowed from Cassie. (Thanks!)
RBR reviews of Katie McGarry books: Pushing the Limits | Dare You To

Summary: With Noah doing his own thing and Beth pretty much out of the picture, Isaiah needs to get his stuff together. With a job opportunity on the horizon, he decides to jump into car racing so he doesn’t have to go back to living with his foster parents. That decision brings good along with the bad. Good? Rachel. Pretty Rachel who knows how to speak car. Bad? A debt they both have to pay back and only six weeks to do it. A strange partnership for sure, peppered with attraction, a certain level of defiance on Rachel’s end, and a lot of unknowns.

I love that Katie McGarry is an author who makes almost 500 pages go by in a snap.

Because I can never just stop reading. Forget the bookmarks; her character development and the chemistry, time and time again, suck me in and keep me invested until the very end. Her latest, Crash Into You, is no different and the most unbelievable thing? I never feel too connected to the supporting characters that she shifts to the limelight in each of her volumes. But she changed my mind with Beth in Dare You To, and I swear I will never doubt her again because I really enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of Isaiah.

With Noah preoccupied with Echo and Beth’s non-reciprocated feelings, he’s sort of on his own all of a sudden except his life is actually brimming with possibilities. He just doesn’t know what to do with them. For the first time ever Isaiah has the chance to learn about his past from the biological mom who is making an effort to be a part of his life; on the flip side, he can also secure a future! With a test and an internship. But with all this new territory becomes securing where he lives so he doesn’t have to move back in with his foster parents, and this is were drag racing comes in. Security!

Yet another reason why I love McGarry. Her characters have so much dimension, especially when you are willing to look past how they look or how much money they may or may not have. This is a lesson that the characters within the story have to learn too. Isaiah isn’t a hoodlum just because he has tattoos and works with cars, and in turn, our sparkly new character, Rachel, doesn’t have a perfect life despite her supportive family, gorgeous house, and private education.

Instead she is totally anxiety ridden, smothered by her brothers, and the poster child for the dead sister she never got to meet. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a character who suffered panic attacks quite like Rachel did in Crash. They were full on terrifying, but when they are caused by your family… how do you find the strength to stand up for yourself?

Isaiah and Rachel are each at their own strange crossroads when they meet, and become an unlikely team when a night of car racing results in a huge debt that the two must pay off in six weeks.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know an inkling about cars but I loved this was a passion that Rachel and Isaiah shared. I loved that it brought them together, and put them in a position to help out and improve the messy areas of each other’s lives. Sure, there is a push and pull here. (Mostly from Isaiah who doesn’t want to “corrupt” Rachel.) But I liked this wariness between them. Rachel was less experienced than Isaiah and neither of them felt pressured to move too fast with one another. I respected their restraint, and the baby steps it took for them to trust and support one another.

More than anything, I love that McGarry once again drives home how the strength of a family is not measured by blood. She brings so much to light when it comes to children in the foster system, as well as the indestructible bonds and loyalty that tie these “brothers” and “sisters” together.

Even though Crash Into You  falls into third place as far as this series goes (Dare You To is still number 1) for me, this volume had the guaranteed combination of intrigue, self-discovery, romance, and friendship that I’ve come to expect from McGarry’s work and I can’t wait for more.

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7 thoughts on “Estelle: Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

  1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook says:

    This is the second review today for Crash Into You that I’ve read, and you both had very similar things to say. I meant to read Crash Into You earlier in the month – but then things got crazy and I never did get to it. I plan to make time for it ASAP, though, because I love Katie McGarry. I actually like PtL more than DYT, but I love them both to pieces. I’m a little nervous to read CIY though, because my expectations are so high.

  2. Iris says:

    Katie McGarry does make 500 pages go by in a snap!
    I think Crash Into You is my favourite of the three. I just love the depth of Isaiah’s character, and Rachel’s for that matter.
    The passion they both have about cars is something I love as well! I love cars myself very much (don’t know half as much as Isaiah and Rachel though… I wish I did lol).
    Great Review! I just finished reading and reviewing this book as well. It was a great read!

  3. Alexa Y. says:

    Dare You To is still my number one as well, although Crash Into You was pretty fun. This book convinced me that I need to start driving regularly again, because I haven’t in years. The way that Rachel and Isaiah talk about it just makes me want to hop in a car and GO. Other than that, I loved the supporting characters, particularly this little (unexpected) band of friends that all come together in this one!

  4. Bookworm1858 says:

    I agree on your ranking for the three books (so far; we’ll see what happens when/if Abby gets her own book). The writing is still compulsively readable throughout though. I kept trying to put it down and succeeding for a few minutes before having to go pick it back up to see what came next!

  5. Wendy @ Book Scents says:

    Ahh I loved this one! It’s pretty hard for me to choose my favorite actually. You’re right – I know ZERO things about cars. Fiance’s car died the other day and he popped hte hood open and I peered in and was like hmmm – strange shapes and blobs. Cool. However, I wanted to go race cars or something after this! Their passion was infectious! Loved the family aspect too — def touched my heart!!

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