Estelle: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Love Story by Jennifer Echols
Pages: 256
Published: July 19, 2011
Target Audience: Young Adult
Format: Nook
Why I read it: Recommended to me by Magan.

Summary: Erin can’t get Hunter out of her mind. Even all the way in New York City, miles and miles from her old life in Kentucky. And most frustrating, she can’t stop thinking about him even after her grandmother gives her college tuition and inheritance to Hunter instead of her. So Erin uses her college writing assignments to express her feelings (and fantasies) about Hunter, even after he shows up in her class, living on the floor above her, integrating in her group of friends. Pretty soon, Hunter is giving her a taste of her own medicine.

I really wanted to love this book, especially because I was practically drooling over the sexy Going Too Far and of course, because Magan couldn’t stop raving about this one. But as you can probably guess, I wasn’t feeling it.

Sure, the chemistry between Hunter and Erin was hot. It was sizzling on the page. But then Erin would drone on again and again about how he took what was rightfully hers and blah blah whine whine. It ruined it for me. I was excited to finally read a book about kids in college (I actually had to go back and reread the beginning to make sure I got that right) but Erin was so unbelievably immature for a girl who could write with such sexual maturity. Instead of feeling for her, I almost felt like she got what she deserved and even by the end of the book, I wasn’t sure if she truly learned anything or grew as a character.

The ending, especially, was one of those where I threw my hands in the air and yelled IS THAT IT to the sky (or actually the ceiling of the bus I was taking back to the airport). I don’t necessarily like when a finale is explained to death but at the same time, I’m not sure what happened.

This might be surprising but the highlight of this book for me was the writing workshop environment, one I was very familiar with during college. It’s a very personal place, sometimes a difficult one and sometimes the most fun place to be. It’s like a huge therapy session where you confide parts of yourselves with strangers. I know in my classes I said a lot that I might not have even told my closest friends or family. I think Echols certainly nailed this portion of the book.

As my second Echols book, I can say right now: her books are addicting. And while this isn’t my favorite of hers or one of the top books I’ve read this year (or ever), I’d say it’s worth reading to get a full scope of her material. And also because Hunter is a hot guy who knows how to kiss. (Or so I’ve read.)

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3 thoughts on “Estelle: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

  1. Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books says:

    This book still kind of intrigues me – I mean, we’ve got NYC, the creative writing workshop and an intensely hot romance all in there – so I’m guessing I’ll like it… to a point. I’m adding it on my list just so I can check it out for myself and so I can read more from Echols.

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