Estelle: Lovestruck Summer by Melissa C. Walker

Lovestuck Summer by Melissa C. Walker
Publication Date: May 5, 2009
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 272
Target audience: Young Adult
Keywords: Austin, music, high school graduate, summer
Format read: Borrowed from library.

Summary: Quinn manages to wrangle an internship at a record label in Austin, TX. This means living with her college student cousin and hearing awesome music ALL summer. Quinn quickly realizes the summer may not be all she imagined when she lands in Texas for multiple reasons, including that cowboy country music loving boy next door.

When I was in college I had a boyfriend who LOVED country music. He even had a cowboy hat and boots he would wear sometimes. (I’m sure it was just to taunt me.) But this freaking kid would listen to country music in the car all the time and I despised it. I would never like country music. Well, I might as well have shot myself in the foot because guess what? He made a country music lover out of me. That was 7 years ago and country music is still my tune of choice. (Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m sure.)

So I get the whole quick to judge thing. I do this all the time. Even after my change of heart when it came to certain friends, my husband, and country music, I still do this. So I understood Quinn and her sudden judgments about her sorority sister cousin and the annoying cowboy next door, Russ. Sometimes people are stubborn (hi, me) and sometimes they need to be proven wrong (that’s me again). I loved this premise. Even more so because Quinn was an older character for YA, on the verge of starting college.

Now the setting. You may know by now that Magan is from Austin and I live in New York and I met her at a friend’s wedding IN Austin. So Lovestruck Summer practically felt like OUR story. (Well, sort of.) I have such love for Austin even if I’ve only been there twice and I was giddy when reading about certain locations I went to visit. (Thanks to my pal Carly and her husband David for being such awesome tour guides!) The novel was practically a love song for Austin and I came very close to booking my next trip out there multiple times.

I first discovered this title when April from Good Books and Good Wine listed it as a book with a deceiving cover. WAS SHE EVER RIGHT! This book is more than neon swim tubes and water. In fact, I thought it was downright IRONIC that Lovestruck Summer had this cover when the book was basically about reevaluating judgments and first impressions. Lovestruck Summer dives beneath the surface and introduces some unique main characters and a summer that brings about much change for many of its characters. It’s fast paced and entertaining, and gee, my only complaint is that it wasn’t a little bit longer.

Look no further for the perfect summer read. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and just like it’s cover — more than meets the eye.

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5 thoughts on “Estelle: Lovestruck Summer by Melissa C. Walker

  1. Morgan says:

    I read this one a couple years ago and really liked it! (I live in Texas so I love reading books that are set in Texas 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. VeganYANerds says:

    I love that this was a great book, despite the cartoonish-cover also it’s so sweet that it reminded you of how you and Magan met!

    I’m really enjoying the new adult books that are popping up so I definitely want to read this soon!

  3. April Books & Wine says:

    SO, this post went up when I was away at BEA and I am SUPER SORRY for not commenting sooner, but in all honesty I have had the window/tab open since I got home, just have not gotten around to commenting.

    I am sooooo glad you loved Lovestruck Summer. I feel like maybe it gets the shaft because of the crap cover, but it’s such a good, strong contemporary read. I mean there’s music! A cute boy! Family! Changing impressions! An internship!

    Pretty much all elements that I LOVEEEE.

    Also? I really like country music a lot too.

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