weekly feature focusing on the books we bought, borrowed, and received from publishers

Estelle + Magan: Shelve It (10/21/2012)

weekly feature focusing on the books we bought, borrowed, and received from publishers

Happy Sunday, friends! We decided to do a joint “Shelve It” this week because someone was a little preoccupied with a move last weekend. Lots of fun books to look forward to for both of us!


Hi. Hi. Hi. Last week, I had a bunch of fun hanging out with Elena (Novel Sounds) and Alexa (Alexa Love Books). It was my first time meeting Elena, and I’m here to tell you the truth: she is super sweet in person yet has a terrible sense of direction. But a great taste in books and clothes. We met up last Sunday, shared a cupcake like we were on a date, and walked around to shop and find some dinner. After a stressful and emotional weekend (saying goodbye to a house is not easy…) it was nice to take a break and hang out with two girls who make me laugh and force me to buy books. FORCE ME. Okay, maybe they didn’t force but it’s hard not to get excited about books when you are hanging out with people who are so passionate about them.

Here are some pics from our adventures:

Rather Be Reading Blog meets Novel Sounds

So much fun! I hope Elena comes back to visit soon!

As far as buying books, the three of us visited the Strand and I went a little crazy:

Rather Be Reading Blog Shelve It 10/21/2012

Bunheads by Sophia Black (Goodreads)
Virtuosity by  Jessica Martinez (Goodreads) — I knew Magan was a big fan of these two so the price was right & I picked them up.
Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols (Goodreads) — a hardcover to add to my collection was a must!
Violet & Claire by Francesca Lia Block (Goodreads) — an oldie but goodie that I haven’t read in forever.

I also bought that cute Kate Spade Strand bag! It’s been great to bring to work!

Very excited about some recent packages I received in the mail!

Rather Be Reading Shelve It 10/21/2012

Thanks to Hachette for the copy of Winter White, the second book in the BELLES series by Jen Calonita. I recently read the first book and really liked it so I’m anxious to check out what these characters are up to. (Goodreads)

Where You Are by J.H. Trumble, comes to bookstores in January 2013. I have high expectations for this particular novel because I loved J.H.’s debut, Don’t Let Me Go. Thanks to Kensington Publishers for this paperback! (Goodreads)

Rather Be Reading Shelve It 10/21/2012

Ginger (GReads!) was awesome enough to lend me her copy of Live Through This by Mindi Scott. Ginger and I had been talking as she read it, and I was very intrigued. (Goodreads)

Magan sent me a copy of Dear Teen Me, a collection of authors’ letters to their teen selves. I can’t wait to get cracking on this one. (Goodreads)

Thanks ladies!


Hi, friends! Oh my goodness, it’s been an awesome weekend here on the homefront. We got a little bit of work done in our house yesterday. My husband and I have lived in our house for over a year and a half and I’ve been reallllllly slow about putting things up on the walls. I’m a DIY kind of girl (something E and I also majorly have in common — we love crafts and projects!) so I’ve been collecting things for the house. My latest project has involved me doing all of the mat cutting and framing myself for the art work I wanted to hang. The husband finally helped me hang these yesterday:

katie daisy prints and note cards hung on the wall

Most of the art work (the one on the top right is a large print, and the three square doily-looking ones were a note card set) is by Katie Daisy (Estelle and I LOVE her work!) and the other print is a gift from my sister-in-law.

But back to books…

The amazing Katie at Mundie Moms gifted me with the books above! Katie — you’re awesome! Thank you so, so much!

The Opposite of Hallelujah by Anna Jarzab (Goodreads)
34 Pieces of You by Carmen Rodrigues (Goodreads)
The Stone Girl by Alyssa B. Sheinmel (Goodreads)
The Blessed by  Tonya Hurley (Goodreads)

A few weeks ago was the Austin Teen Book Festival (YIPPIE!). I didn’t get to go for very long, but I did purchase one book!

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone (Goodreads) — it’s been a while since I read a time travel book (we did see Looper, the time travel movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this weekend though!) so I can’t wait to read this one!

Sometimes I’m terribly bad at remembering to mention NetGalley books in vlogs because I don’t have the physical copy to show. Here’s what we received from publishers this week:








Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Goodreads) — we are kind of in love with the covers for this one. AND it sounds fabulous!
Uses for Boys by Erica Lorianne Scheidt (Goodreads) — I’ve heard this one is pretty deep and dark! Whoa .. cannot wait to read it!
Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor (Goodreads) — A very big thank you to Little, Brown for allowing me to read this! I spent some time re-reading the end of Daughter of Smoke and Bone today to freshen up!


on the blog.

A review of Good For You by Tammara Webber

A review of One Pink Line by Dina Silver

A review of Death & the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones

A review of Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill


We hope you’ve had the best weekend! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Let us know what books you got this week!

8 thoughts on “Estelle + Magan: Shelve It (10/21/2012)

  1. VeganYANerds says:

    E – I hope the move went well and I understand how hard it can be to leave a place 🙂

    Yay for hanging out with Elena and Alexa – looks like you girls had a great time!

    M – love the artwork, as you know! We’ve been in out place almost 2 years and it took me until this year to starting hanging prints etc And awesome stack of books 😀

  2. elena says:

    estelle – “yet has a terrible sense of direction.” STORY OF MY LIFE! it was so fun to hang out with you & alexa! thank you so much for talking me through directions and being generally awesome. i hope to do it again one day soon and hopefully with m! <3

    magan – your wall is so pretty! i have eleanor & park too except in a paperback form. we should do a readalong! also days of starlight and blood looks so gooood, can't wait for it.

  3. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    Estelle, I am so happy to share LTT with you! I can’t wait for you to read it so we can discuss in depth 🙂 Magan, I LOVE your new art work! Both of you got some fab books this week. Can’t wait to read your reviews on some of them.

  4. Lena says:

    AHHH, so jealous of Estelle’s blogger outing. Why do all my favorite people always hang out without me? *cries*

    SUCH A RUSH is amazeballs, and I really enjoyed Virtuosity.

    And Magan, I love your prints, especially the big one. So pretty! I really liked TIME BETWEEN US, and you must let me know what you think of DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT.

    Happy Reading Ladies!


  5. Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books says:

    Hooray for blogger outings! E, I had so much fun with you and Elena. Our adventures at the Strand + over dinner were great, and I wish we could all hang out more. Plus, you did get some pretty darn awesome books…

    M, LOVE the prints. LOVE LOVE LOVE. One of the things the truly excites me about getting married is the fact that I’ll finally get to live in a place where I can decorate any way I want to! Prints + photos will DEFINITELY be prominent.

  6. Tara says:

    You both have such exciting things going on right now! And this is a bit creepy Magan, but I’m almost positive Anna has one of those canvases in her bathroom haha.

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