book review of The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

Estelle: The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

book review of The Wanderer by Robyn CarrThe Wanderer by Robyn Carr ( web | tweet )
Book 1 of the Thunder Point Series.
Publication Date: March 26, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Pages: 378
Target audience: Adult
Keywords: romance, small town, “Friday Night Lights”-esque
Format read: ARC from NetGalley via Publisher. (Thanks!)

Summary: Cooper arrives in Thunder Point after his old army pal, Ben, dies. His plan to get Ben’s affairs in order and move on (like he always does) takes a detour when he realizes he has more work on his hands than he thought. Fixing up Ben’s old bar, meeting Ben’s friends, and also scouting out that woman who is always walking her dog on the beach. In the first book in Robyn Carr’s new series, she weaves the stories of Thunder Point’s townfolk and it’s just the beginning…

I feel like Hank Cooper set off some kind of love avalanche when he steps into Thunder Point. Though the lone man on the cover of The Wanderer may give you a different idea, there are actually a few intertwining storylines happening within this book:

  • What will Cooper do with the property that Ben has left him? (Was Ben’s death really an accident?)
  • Mac (a.k.a. Deputy Yummy Pants) and Gina: single parents who are best friends with each other (their daughters are best friends too) and have been avoiding their deeper feelings.
  • Sarah and Landon: Two siblings starting over in a new town; over-protective sister can’t do enough for her brother, except guard him against some football teammate bullies.
  • Cooper and Sarah: Can Sarah overcome her trust issues and let Cooper in? Will Cooper give up his title as “The Wanderer” and settle down with Sarah?

See? There’s a lot going on in this introduction to Thunder Point — especially for a so-called small town. (Including one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve read in awhile. I was in such a trance that I was convinced I would miss my subway stop and that everyone on the train could see right through me as I read it.)

The characters in this book actually describe their lives as very Friday Night Lights: there’s a lot of football game outings, gossip, and good looking people. Even though it took me awhile to grasp Cooper’s age (37-ish) and keep all these characters in check, I like how Carr gives us a taste of the kind of folks we can look forward to in this series.

Surprisingly, my favorite voice came from Landon, Sarah’s brother and the new star quarterback of the high school team. Though his storyline is not as frequent as Cooper’s, his quips were refreshing and I liked his laidback attitude and the way he played “Dad” when it came to his sister’s love life. (I’m actually hoping he gets his own volume in this series but because of his age, I’m guessing that won’t happen.)

If you are looking to dive into a new romance series with a side of mystery, Thunder Point is just the ticket. The view is certainly easy on the eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Estelle: The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

  1. Alexa Y. says:

    I’m so glad you liked this one! It’s also on my list of books to read from Netgalley, and I think I might start it soon, as I’m in dire need of a change from my YA reads. I do like that there appears to be a large cast of characters – bodes well for the future of the series.

  2. Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley) says:

    I’ve been wondering about this book! I’ve never actually read an adult romance book before (that I can remember) and I’m trying to figure out where is a good place to start. I like the way you outlined with bullets (lists are a language I understand, you see). I just opened another internet window while I was typing out this comment to check and see if my library has this one in and it’s checked out right now but I added it to my wishlist so they’ll keep up with it for me so I won’t forget about it.

    (The thing about some of these adult contemp romance books is that the authors are so prolific I’m a bit overwhelmed when I look at all of the books they’ve written. I want to start reading some but I’m like WHOA there are too many books here and my eyes are way confused. haha)

    Thanks, E!

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