Estelle: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Released: March 8, 2004
Pages: 345
Target Audience: Young adult
Why I read it: Continuing my pursuit to read everything by Sarah Dessen.
Format: Hardcover borrowed from the library.
Summary: It’s no surprise Remy has relationship issues after watching her mother’s four failed marriages and the start of a fifth. When Dexter won’t stop trying to win her adoration, Remy can’t believe she is giving into him when he is the opposite of everything she stands for. With plans to go far, far away to college after the summer is over, the last thing she wants to do is fall in love. But is she even capable?


My third official Dessen read. Another one I could not put down (yes, I was sneaking it under my desk at work!) but I was surprised to find myself a little bit disappointed by this one. I’m seeing by now that Dessen likes to write about girls who are battling with their own definitions of love and accepting it into their lives. No, that that’s a poor storyline. It never is, but I wanted more exploration into the secondary characters. In particular, Dexter. While I adored him, he remained very one-dimensional to me and I wished we could have learned more about what made him tick.

Don’t get me wrong, The Lullaby is still worth reading but I enjoyed Playing with the Moon and Lock & Key more. There are some telling moments with Remy’s mom in the book that are intriguing and touching, and actually become a huge part of Remy’s growth throughout the pages. What I like about her is that Dessen doesn’t make a boy the answer to all of Remy’s problems. Each of these young leading ladies need to figure out their own issues, and because that takes times, all the answers are not found out by the time you reach the end.

I applaud Dessen for never taking the easy way out and tying a pretty bow on the plotline.

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