Estelle: Three Little Words by Susan Mallery

Three Little Words by Susan MalleryThree Little Words by Susan Mallery ( web | tweet )
Part of the Fool’s Gold series.
Publication Date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 360
Target audience: Adult; romance fans
Keywords: childhood love, opposites attract, post-military life, small towns
Format read: eBook received from Publisher via NetGalley! (Thanks!)

Summary: Isabel was heartbroken when her sister broke off her relationship with Ford and he ran off to join the military. At 14, she was utterly in love with him and while he was gone, sent him letters for years and years without any response. Years later, the two are reunited in their hometown (he’s living in her parent’s apartment) and he recruits her for a little help.

When I was 14, I was totally in love with this older boy (a family friend) and thinking back, I did some really cringe worthy things to get/not get his attention. (Does that make sense?) There was this one time I sent him a picture of me blowing him a kiss! For real. (I tried to unsend it but that function did not exist then.) Reading Isabel’s young letters to Ford in Three Little Words really transported me back to that very young me, hoping beyond hope that this amazing/almost off-limits guy felt the same way.

I absolutely love the “reunion” storyline in romance novels. People with a history, seeing each other again. Will old feelings come zipping back? Can they fall for each other despite the experience and years between them?

For Isabel and Ford, there isn’t much standing in their way. Just themselves. After years in the military, Ford just feels like he could never fall in love, and Isabel is reeling from a divorce that left her feeling like it was kind of her own fault. Back in Fool’s Gold to sell her family’s bridal shop and report back to New York to start a new fashion venture, she finds out that Ford will be occupying her family’s apartment a.k.a. living in her house. In the mean time, Ford is trying to adjust to being around people again, including his mother who is desperate for him to get married and start a family of his own.

This is where Isabel comes in. Ford asks her if she can be his pretend girlfriend for awhile so his mom will finally calm down. I’m sure you can see where this is all heading.

I’ve read a bunch of Fool’s Gold books since I started last year, and I can say with confidence that Three Little Words is my favorite. I loved how Ford teased Isabel about her letters, how Isabel wasn’t the most comfortable in her body and wasn’t an immediate sex goddess in bed, the bridal shop setting, and especially how all the ladies of Fool’s Gold came around to support her with friendship and drinks when she needed them most.

Three Little Words is sexy, sweet, and probably one of the more relatable books in this series. (There’s also a second romantic storyline between a tough lady and a very nice math teacher. Loved watching barriers come down for this one.) Plus football players are moving into town. Even more reason to check into Fool’s Gold if you ask me!

Did I mention this was probably the hottest Fool’s Gold book I ever read? Major heat wave, hot. Prepare yourself. Hydrate. You will need it.

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17 thoughts on “Estelle: Three Little Words by Susan Mallery

  1. Daphne says:

    I loved this one too. I loved how Ford was so easy going and laid back. I also loved how he could quote her letters to her. He was a sweetie. 🙂 great review.

  2. Alexa Y. says:

    So, what you’re saying is… I need to read this book? Because yes, I will do that. I enjoy a good romance! Even though I’m technically more partial to historical as opposed to contemporary, this one sounds really, really good. Reunion stories are usually a hit with me!

  3. Ash @ Paranormal Indulgence says:

    THREE LITTLE WORDS is what started it all for me after all. As far as the Fool’s Gold series anyway. This one was just so adorable with a substantial amount of yumminess to it. I enjoyed seeing Isabel struggle with her feelings, her sexuality, her grief over her marriage, making her feel real. And FORD. I love the bad boy who doesn’t think he can ever fall in love line. And like you I love the “reunion” story lines as well. *fist-bumps* for Fool’s Gold solidarity. 😀

    ALSO: “I tried to unsend it but that function did not exist then.”
    It exists NOW?!? xD

  4. Patsy T says:

    Three Little Words is like a breath of fresh air. I love the simply getting to know each other again and fall in love. I love that not everyone is perfect. I really liked the 2 for 1 romance. You’ve just got to read it!

  5. Shari says:

    I love all the Fool’s Gold books. Three Little Words comes out this coming Tuesday. This is the story of Isabel and Ford, plus an added romance of Kent and Consuelo. You will not be disappointed in this book. Loved it!

  6. Shannon says:

    I loved Susan Mallery’s Three little Words! Ford’s story was a great ending to the bodyguard’s trilogy. It is a must read for summer fun!

  7. Dee says:

    Great review!! Ford was such a likeable guy, sweet, sexy and caring!! The letters were such a great way to start the book off, as you seen Isobel transform from a young girl into a young woman. Doesn’t everybody keep their romance letters!?

  8. Kortney says:

    So glad that you loved the book. I totally found this book relatable too. I have to agree i liked how she incorporated Kent’s story into the book! Can’t wait to see what type of stories come with the football players coming to town!

  9. julie barrett says:

    I also read this and found it to be a hot steamy read. Just when I think I’ve read the best Susan puts out another book and it’s even hotter. If anybody needs a $1 off coupon for a paperback copy, let me know.


  10. Jackie Delude says:

    It’s a another summer hit that sizzles by Susan Mallery!

    Wow, talk about having a wonderful summer! Susan Mallery does it again with Three Little Words. How could you not love Ford Hendrix and Isabel Beebe? They have to be some of her best characters yet. Isabel was in love with Ford when she was just 14 years old and he was engaged to her sister. After things fell through with Isabel’s sister Ford leaves Fool’s Gold for the Navy and doesn’t return till many years later. You could say fate has brought them back into town at the same time and allows Isabel her chance at her first and only love. This book also gives you the story about Consuelo and Kent Hendrix with their story. What a wonderful book and a great way to end the summer!

  11. Maria says:

    This book was wonderful and was a great way to finish this summer’s Fool’s Gold series! Isabel and Ford are just perfect together and I just love the chemistry between them!

  12. Tanya C. says:

    This was one of the best in the series! IMO it is a very close second to last summer’s All Summer Long. The scenes are funny, steamy and heartwarming. Another winner for Susan Mallery – LOVE HER! And there is a bonus romance within!

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