Estelle: WeVerb12 Prompt 10 (2012 Challenges)


Hi friends! Magan and I are going to be chiming in this month about WEverb12 every now and then. We hope you’ll stop over at the website and check it out for yourself. A team of bloggers has collected some prompts to help us think about the last year and also look ahead to 2013. We thought this might be a nice way for us to challenge ourselves writing wise and also to share a little more about who we are on the blog.

lose [HOPE]: Did you have to say goodbye to a person, or even a cherished object, this year? Take a moment to celebrate the memory.

Recent experiences have really given new depth to the saying about how you must lose something to gain something else. Almost two years ago, my husband and I started discuss the possibility of him going to law school. He had brought it up before we were married, but the idea got lost in the shuffle of wedding planning and being newlyweds.

When it came up again, I felt ready for just about anything. Even though I loved the house that we bought three years ago, a place I felt was built on the generosity and time from our friends and family, I don’t think my husband and I had been happy there for awhile (my commute, our need to be around more people our age, the skyrocketing taxes). We’re not exactly the types to just drag things out because it’s too hard to move forward or try something new either. So him embarking on law school also meant an adventure for the both of us: a new place to explore and call our own.

After seven months on the market, we finally closed on our house and the last few days were excruciating. It was strange to see the place so empty. It was strange to clean the kitchen countertops and the bathroom like we were having a party, abd not passing it along to its new owners. I cried a lot. Probably more than I thought I would.

The situation reminded me a lot of breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. You have amazing times, you have bad times, there are some things that just did not click. And even after it’s over, you can’t help but think of them and what they are up to sometimes. As time passes, the gap of time between these pangs of memory grow further and further apart. Until it feels like it was a completely different life, one you can almost trick yourself into believing you never lived at all.

Of course, I miss the space and the deck and how I could hang up as many Christmas decorations as I wanted. Where everything we owned had its own space. It’ll always be the place where James and I learned to be a better, stronger couple, and also where we forced ourselves to make some very tough decisions about our future.

Luckily, even though we are still in an adjustment period for sure, I’m happy to say I know we made the right choice. As tough as it is to say goodbye, sometimes it really is for the best.

4 thoughts on “Estelle: WeVerb12 Prompt 10 (2012 Challenges)

  1. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads says:

    This is such a great post, Estelle! I know how you feel (well, a little) since my husband and I moved three times in two years, before we were married. We now live in a little two bedroom condo, but it’s the first place that we’ve owned together. Even though I know that our little home will one day be too small for our family, it will be hard to say goodbye to this place, the first place that was OURS. But it’s exciting for you and your husband that you’re off to new adventures, and kudos to you both for being brave enough to take that leap of faith!

  2. Hemborgwife says:

    I understand totally we moved around the same time as you and I cried leaving our old place as well even though we had only lived there 10 months it was our first place in Sweden and our biggest place at that time!

  3. Alexa Y. says:

    You guys have chosen to do an incredibly brave, adventurous thing – and I’m excited for you both! There are so many interesting possibilities ahead and I believe you’ll have lots of fun, amazing new moments in your new place.

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