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Famous in Love by Rebecca SerleFamous in Love by Rebecca Serle ( web | twitter )
First book in a trilogy.
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Publisher: Poppy/Little, Brown
Pages: 336
Target audience: Young adult
Keywords: Hollywood, love triangle, debut actor, friendship, romance
Format read: ARC given to me by Elena @ Novel Sounds. (Thanks!)

Summary: Paige is just a normal high schooler with her two best friends until she is plucked from her home to a movie set when she lands her first role in a big deal Hollywood movie. Set to star in a trilogy based on a best-selling book series for young adults, Paige deals with the ups and downs of her first role and the cute boys that come along with it: one that makes her feel at home on set and another who makes her feel a little off kilter.

Despite a few personal snafus (not enough family interaction and a love triangle), I had a total blast reading Famous in Love. I mean, a girl has her dreams come true before she even graduates high school and lands an insanely big role in a film trilogy. I was basically picturing a Shailene Woodley or Jennifer Lawrence the whole time I was reading and you know, you just can’t lose in that kind of reading situation.

Filming in Hawaii and away from her best friends and family, Paige is thrust into the movie world: getting screamed at by her director day after day, gossiping with her makeup lady, and waking up at the crack of dawn to act with the hot actor, Rainer Devon. Rainer is incredibly great to Paige, and tries to make her feel comfortable amongst all the pressure to make the movie a hit. I really liked him (even if I kept wondering when he would do something questionable) so this made it even harder when another heartthrob, Jordan Wilder, is cast in the other open male role. He’s more mysterious and standoffish but also a good guy and Paige can’t help this connection she feels to him. To both of them, really.

She’s living the life, right? Serle pulls off this whole love triangle in a real life and in a movie thing quite well. Even if everyone was falling for each other pretty quickly, I was sold. On who I have no idea but still. I could see the appeal of both guys. The chemistry Paige had with each of her co-stars was addictive and deliciously angsty in a way I haven’t felt in awhile.

Could Serle have dug a little deeper throughout the book? Totally. I was interested in Paige’s relationships with her siblings (their back stories were all well-presented) and I couldn’t imagine her parents not communicating with her very much as a minor in her first grown-up job away from home. If Serle would have folded these details in, there’s no telling how much I would be loving Famous in Love. Even so, for someone who fears starting a new series and isn’t a love triangle fan, this book was like a light and fun Hilary Duff song I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle | Estelle Reviews

  1. Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) says:

    How fun! I have this book in one of my boxes of books that I haven’t unpacked onto my shelves (I’m having to switch them out as I read them until we move out of this rental!!) but I wish I would happen upon it soon! I kinda want to give it a go. I like that you’re able to visualize Shailene or Jennifer – sounds like a fun read! (:

  2. Lauren at Bookmark Lit says:

    I completely agree about going a little deeper. While I enjoyed this book, it felt like it was just a skimming of the surface. There could have been SO many more details added with her family, friends, and co-stars.

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