My Life in Dioramas by Tara Altebrando | April 2015

Hold on to your hats, friends.

We are so thrilled to be presenting the cover of Tara Altebrando’s upcoming middle grade novel: MY LIFE IN DIORAMAS. You may remember that Tara released a fantastic book in this same genre in April called THE BATTLE OF DARCY LANE (Running Press). I loved it but more important people had this to say about it:

  • “It’s a smart, sensitive portrait of an age when change is in the air, for better or worse.” – Publishers Weekly
  • “Julia is a flawed but earnest girl, and she learns how to deal with mean girls at her own pace and with cheer-worthy dignity. Readers searching for something similar to the books of Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume should look no further.” – Booklist
  • “Altebrando’s clear, intelligent writing captures the sweet details that comprise Julia’s everyday life: a fresh coat of paint for her bedroom, a brilliant band-camp concert, a slice of birthday cake shared compatibly with the boy next door.” – School Library Journal

Tara definitely deserves all the praise, so I’m amped to share all the details of her April 28, 2015 release.

But, first! This truly gorgeous cover from T.L. Bonaddio:

My Life in Dioramas by Tara Altebrando

What to expect from MY LIFE IN DIORAMAS:

Twelve-year-old Kate Marino thinks she is a real mastermind. At least when it comes to hatching a plan to dissuade potential buyers from purchasing Big Red, the old farmhouse that has been the only home Kate has ever known, and which her parents are selling in order to downsize.

Kate has not even moved yet, and already life is changing in unwelcome ways. Suddenly every moment and memory seems fleeting—even things she thought would last forever. Making dioramas of the people she loves in the place that she holds dear gives Kate a sense of calm. But it may take several bags of stink, the help of her best friends, and a few fake dogs in order for her to be able to keep her life the way that she knows and loves it.

With sincerity, humor, and heart, author Tara Altebrando (The Battle of Darcy Lane) thoughtfully explores the pain—and promise—of letting go. Artist T.L. Bonaddio’s warm interior illustrations accentuate the tangible shoebox moments that make an impression for a lifetime.

So what do you think?! We cannot cannot wait!


The folks at Running Press have been nice enough to offer an ARC of MY LIFE IN DIORAMAS to one lucky winner. Must be 13 years old to enter and be living in the United States. (The ARC will be on its way to you in January so it will be a new year gift!) Be sure to enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Psst. Still here? Good!! April 2015 may be far away but it also gives us a chance to read up on all the Tara books! Here’s a list of her great titles to keep you busy until then:


Thanks for stopping in today and big thanks to Running Press + Tara for including us in
the exciting MY LIFE IN DIORAMAS news!


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  1. Alexa S. says:

    MEEP! I’m very very very very very (seriously VERY) excited to read My Life in Dioramas! The Battle of Darcy Lane was so fun to read, and so good, and I can’t wait for this next release 🙂

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