Little Kids: Bedtime Stories

One of my favorite times of day to read with my daughter, Everett, is before bedtime. It’s the only time during the day that her Daddy and I are both there to snuggle and read with her. One of us snuggles, the other reads, and we alternate every evening. We don’t always choose bedtime stories to read during that time, but I do really like how they reinforce that everyone has to go to sleep, get some rest, and be refreshed for the new day.

Below I’m sharing a few of our favorites, one that’s on my wish list, and I’m hoping you’ll chime in with a few of your favorite recommendations, too. I didn’t realize until I began this post how narrow this subject seems to be, and I really wanted to branch out from classics like Goodnight Moon.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Little Kids picks! Don’t forget to share your favorite bedtime stories!


Daddy's Zigzagging Bedtime Story

DADDY’S ZIGZAGGING BEDTIME STORY: This is one of our favorite evening stories. I gifted this to Dustyn for his first Father’s Day with Everett last year and it’s silly, goofy, and fun to read. I like that she’ll continue to understand it more as she learns the subjects in the book, and that it’s one that stands out from the rest of the bedtime stories because it’s not quiet and somber. (Goodreads • Amazon)

Disney Bedtime Favorites

DISNEY BEDTIME FAVORITES: We were gifted this book for Everett and I’m so glad because I’m positive if we weren’t instilling some Disney foundations into her, Estelle might un-friend me. (I kid, I kid.) These are a bit on the longer side. This book is thicker and will take us a while to read, but I really enjoy getting to share some of my favorite characters with her. (Goodreads • Amazon)

Little Owl's Night

LITTLE OWL’S NIGHT: This is such a sweet tale about a little owl exploring the night and seeing the world “wake up” in the morning. I love the cleverness and creativity of this story! (Goodreads • Amazon)

Llama Llama Red Pajama

LLAMA LLAMA RED PAJAMA: Who doesn’t love Llama Llama? This book (and all of the others in the series) is so great. I love the rhyming and the truthfulness of a little Llama getting all freaked out because his momma hasn’t tucked him in bed yet. (Goodreads • Amazon)

The Going to Bed BookTHE GOING TO BED BOOK: This is a great book about routine and the things you need to do before bedtime: brush your teeth, take a bath, get dressed, and rock to sleep. It’s a little bit silly, and great with some word repetition. (Goodreads • Amazon)



The Goodnight TrainTHE GOODNIGHT TRAIN: I love the illustrations and the little bit of reverse psychology, “Don’t close your eyes!” as you sheep, clouds, and mermaids! (Goodreads • Amazon)


What are your favorite bedtime stories for your littles?
What book do you hope to pick up from the list above?

4 thoughts on “Little Kids: Bedtime Stories

  1. Alexa S. says:

    Definitely enjoyed seeing some new titles for little ones in this post, M! I grew up on a literary diet of Goodnight Moon, as well as fairy tales, so I won’t be much help with suggestions. Just wanted to say that I appreciated this post and will bookmark for future reference one day 😉

  2. Lori says:

    We’re big fans of Little Owl’s Night and Llama Llama as well. Finn’s current favorite bedtime book is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. I love it too!

    • Magan says:

      Lori, thank you for the new book suggestion! We don’t have that one, but I’m looking it up because I don’t want to *just* have girly books on hand for E. She’s obsessed with trucks with they pass by so I think this will be a hit for her!

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