Love on the Lifts by Jill Santopolo • Magan’s Mini Review

Love on the Lifts by Jill Santopolo

Love on the Lifts by Jill Santopolo [twitter | website]
Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Publisher: Speak
Pages: 208
Target Audience: Young Adult
Keywords: create your own story, ski resort, recovering from a breakup
Format Read: ARC from Publisher (Thank you!)

Summary: In this create-your-own-story, you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and have traveled to a ski resort where your sister encourages you to kiss another boy to quickly get over your ex.


Love on the Lifts is a fun, quick, interactive read because you decide what happens next for the main character. Yep, it’s a create-your-own-story book! (How did I miss out on these when I was in middle and high school? This is my first to have ever read!) The story begins with a girl who has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend. She’s arriving at a ski resort with her parents and older sister. Her sister thinks that the best way to get over one guy is to kiss another, and she encourages the hesitant, heart-broken MC to have fun, meet boys, and kiss one of them.

I decided when I began Love on the Lifts that I wouldn’t read every scenario; since this was my first go at this type of story, I wanted to see how I worked my way through it. Apparently, I chose the shortest route possible. I so, so quickly went from cover to cover. (And I admit I made decisions that I thought would really complicate my ability to meet a kissable boy!) Skimming through the alternate endings was a lot of fun too. I can’t begin to count how many times have I finished a book and really wished the main character had ended up with someone different; at least in this situation, it was all in my control.

If you’re looking for something fun to break up your reading pattern, give Love on the Lifts a try. It was extremely helpful to have something light-hearted sitting on my bookshelves after finishing the topsy turvy Twisted Fate.

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4 thoughts on “Love on the Lifts by Jill Santopolo • Magan’s Mini Review

  1. Bruna says:

    This sounds so fun! I used to read RPG books when I was a kid (you had to roll the dice to see which way to go and all that) and all other types of interactive books. But I haven’t see one in a while. Think I might try this one out!

  2. Alexa S. says:

    I used to be obsessed with Choose Your Own Adventure novels as a kid! I especially liked the ones with dramatic, life-changing scenarios because I wanted to see if I could survive to the end. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t know how it’d work for a love story, but Love on the Lifts sounds cute in theory!

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