Book Review of Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Magan: Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by by Louise Rozett

Warning: This review may contain spoilers for Confessions of an Angry Girl. Proceed with caution.

Book Review of Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett
Series: Confessions #2 (My review for Confessions of an Angry Girl.)
Publication Date: July 25, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 288
Target audience: Young adult
Keywords: therapy, confusing relationships, bullying, domestic violence
Format read: ARC received via NetGalley. Thank you to Harlequin Teen!

Summary: Soon to begin her sophomore year of high school, Rose is determined to have a different experience than her last year. She’s reinventing herself while trying to figure out her questionable relationship with Jamie and dealing with heaps of family drama that continues to mount after the death of her father last year.

At the end of Confessions of an Angry Girl, there was a huge prom debacle involving crazy Regina (don’t worry — I’m being vague) and Rose was left more confused than ever about Jamie Forta. He had a very cryptic note delivered to her and their contact was cut off. The summer months have separated Jamie and Rose, and that’s right where Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend begins. Rose is about to begin her sophomore year of high school. She and Jamie haven’t spoken or seen each other in months.

Rose is still very hard on herself — wishes she had more style and thinks her hair is ridiculous — but she’s determined to have a better year. She decides that she’ll be Rose 2.0, reinvented and sassier than ever. She ditches the school band and tries to find a new niche by auditioning for the school musical. (All the while questioning whether or not she can sing.)

She and Tracy, after much separation and freshman-year-drama, are finally on the mend again. Tracy’s had a huge wake-up call and while Rose still wishes things had happened a bit differently, she’s happy to be reunited with her best friend. It was pretty refreshing to see a friendship so deeply explored — to go from a very fragile state and back to a healthy and happy place again. (That’s real life; friendships ebb and flow.)

Then there’s her family. Of course. Her brother, Peter, has bigger issues. He and Rose have almost lost touch completely; she knows he’s in trouble, but there’s really no way to reach him. She and her mom are attending family therapy sessions together. These were some of my favorite scenes because Rozett did a lovely job making them comical; Rose’s mom has a helluva time turning off her therapist switch and frequently gets put in her place by their therapist.

And finally, there’s Jamie. He’s not sure Rose is good enough for him so he’d rather back away than get more serious. (Hmm.) And Rose just can’t help but fall for him a little more every day. Regina is sadly still on the peripheral and Rose doesn’t really understand their relationship. They aren’t dating anymore, but Jamie can’t seem to step away.

Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend is a fantastic follow-up novel. Rose really grows and matures in ways that made me proud; she speaks up for herself and continues to do the right thing. Sure, Jamie and Rose’s relationship made me feel a little like — GAH! JUST MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY! — but once I flipped the final page, I felt it all made sense. Hopefully you’ll love the journey and continue to fall in love with these characters, too.

(By the way, there’s a bit of a bonus at the end of Confessions. I loved the Q&A with Louise Rozett!)

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3 thoughts on “Magan: Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by by Louise Rozett

  1. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide says:

    I think I enjoyed the first one a bit more, but I still really enjoyed this one from Louise Rozett! (Come on, Rose, don’t be mean to musicals.)
    JAMIE. Gah. Jamie just kills me. When he first showed up, I practically had palpitations haha. Then it was a struggle for the rest of the book. Again! Come on kids, just get together!
    Since this book dealt with sophomore year, I’m hoping we’ll get junior & senior in the next two books! Such a fan of this series 🙂

  2. Bookworm1858 says:

    I loved that their friendship was on the mend! Its breakup was so sad to me (way more than anything Jamie Forta did) and was so glad to realize it was back to business for the girls. I really enjoy this series and am hoping most fervently for a third.

  3. Cassie says:

    WOOHOOOO! I love this series! There was a LOT going on in this installment though! It was handled well, but.. a bit shocking to say the least!

    I can’t wait for more from this series though, because JAMIE FORTA <3

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