Magan: Crossed by Ally Condie

ally condie dystopian trilogy, matched #2 by ally condie, crossed by ally condieCrossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

Released: November 1, 2011
Pages: 384
Target Audience: Young Adult
Format: Downloaded to my Kindle.
Why I picked it up: Last year I read Matched – my first dystopia ever. I had to continue reading the series.
Summary: Cassia goes in search of Ky in the Outer Provinces, only to be told that he and two other guys have escaped. She and fellow escapee, Indie, are determined to find them and desperately want to join up with the Rising because they no longer believe in the Society.


Last year when I picked up Matched, I was so intrigued by the idea of Cassia being matched to two boys – one who was her best friend and another who was an outcast in the Society. I fell in love with how Cassia begins to realize her world isn’t exactly as perfect as she’s always been told. I admired Ky’s character for being so strong; he was an outcast but none of that was his fault. He taught Cassia so much and I couldn’t wait to see if they fell in love. I devoured this book, staying up until 4AM to finish it. Over the last year, I’ve been a major cheerleader for Matched. Highly anticipating Crossed – hoping to finally have a few more answers.

When Crossed was released, I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle. I needed to begin reading it right away. Cassia goes in search of Ky, who she believes to be in the Outer Provinces. Ky has escaped from there and is trying to find a way to get back to Cassia. My first thoughts were, “Seriously!?  They’re going to go in circles and never find one another?”  Much of this book is about their struggles trying to survive and not be detained by the Society again. Unlike in Matched, Crossed is told from Ky and Cassia’s perspectives. We have an inside look at where they are at all times. While I enjoyed hearing from both characters, I do think this added an element of confusion to the story.

The entire story takes place over a very short amount of time, but Condie did a beautiful job making the reader feel as though they were exhausted and tired right along with Cassia and Ky. She didn’t quickly or easily tell the story of how they were climbing, running, and hiding through the canyons. Because they were in unfamiliar territory, I kept trying to figure out if they were near each other and wondered if someone would be mistaken for an enemy and killed.  I felt on edge the entire book because they could so easily be discovered and their whole mission to find one another would be forfeit.

We are introduced to several new characters in Crossed – Indie, Eli, Vick, and Hunter. I had no idea who to trust. By the end of the book, I didn’t know if the Rising was good or bad, if they had fallen into the trap of the Society again, and whether Ky and Xander really had Cassia’s best interests in mind.  Ky knows of a secret that Xander is keeping, but he wants Cassia to find out from Xander himself.  Aside from a short scene in the beginning with Xander, we don’t see much of him in Crossed. I was hoping for a bit more with him, but I think he will certainly shine in the last book.

Overall, I think Condie does a brilliant job as an author – she makes me feel exactly how the characters would be feeling. It is really hard for me to say that I 100% loved Crossed because I was so utterly confused and discombobulated, but I do think that was the intent. Though I wish I had more answers and knew a bit more about what would happen in the next book, I am thrilled that I am kept guessing. I am elated that I won’t be able to guess the ending.  I am, however, sorely disappointed that I’ll have to wait another entire YEAR for the final book to be released.

For anyone who might be a fan of the Hunger Games, I think the Matched trilogy would be a great series for you. What pulls me into the Matched books are the relationships between Cassia, Ky, and Xander. With the Hunger Games, I found myself extremely disgusted with the Capitol and therefore just as invested even if Katniss didn’t end up with Peeta or Gale. These are two very different dystopias, but if you enjoy this type of read, you should definitely consider picking them up.

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