Magan: Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Released: March 17, 2009
Pages: 245
Target Audience: Young Adult
How I found out about it: Recommended to me by Estelle
: Downloaded to my Kindle.
Summary: Meg is a 17-year-old girl caught up in a bad relationship with druggie Eric; when Meg gets caught at the Bridge with Eric, she is forced to spend a week on night-duty with Deputy John After. Meg is torn between wanting to flee her small-hometown and staying to see what life with John could be like.


In continuation of our celebration of Jennifer Echols’ new release, The One That I Want, I wanted to share a little piece of yummy goodness with you. Love Story was my first Echols’ read; I devoured that book, and was anxious to pick up another one. Estelle immediately suggested Going Too Far because it was one of her absolute favorites.

However, a few months passed before I picked the book up to read it. I let it linger in my to-read folder on my Kindle.  That’s not because I wasn’t excited and didn’t have faith in Estelle’s recommendation. Believe me, I knew it would be good. I also knew I’d need to wait until that perfect time when I would need that perfect love story.  I think I read it at the exact right time.

Holy batman this book was awesome! Why did I wait SO long to read it?

Jennifer has refined the art of creating tension between two characters; she pushes the boundaries and finds the exact right balance in Going Too Far. Meg and John are two characters living very different lives. Meg cannot wait to flee her hometown, and John appears to be super-glued there. Meg doesn’t know how to stay out trouble and flaunts her blue hair, while John probably never did a bad thing in his life and sports a military cut. While Meg is patrolling the town on night-duty with John, she begins to discover there’s a lot more to John – he turned down a full scholarship to college and could have been on the track team. He’s only a year older than her, so why has he chosen to stay behind in Small Town, USA to be a cop?

While she begins to fit the puzzle pieces of John’s life together, he unravels her. I must say it was quite a nice change to see a tough-strong female character falling for a REALLY good guy. Usually the tables are turned (you know, the bad boy complex) and I liked seeing the growth in Meg.  John suspects she’s withholding secrets from her past, and as they grow to know one another, there’s a lot of tension and build-up. Both question whether or not they would even work together.  There’s a lot of heat between these two…

Sometimes I feel far removed from the dating scene. I’ve been married for seven years, but through a friend’s relationship over the last couple of months, I have realized how spot-on Echols depicts what it’s like to be single and in those beginning stages of love.  I used to think that sometimes the abrupt switches from YES, I LOVE HIM! to Oh, no – we won’t work together! were completely fabricated.  While I won’t say every relationship is like this, I have learned through my friends that knowing what to do with all the emotions while falling in love and figuring out how you really feel is incredibly hard to do.  Aside from Meg’s awesome blue hair, this was one of the things that hypnotized me – I couldn’t wait to figure out what Meg and John would do with their feelings toward one another, but I also never wanted the book to end!

This is a beautiful story about what it means to love someone. To learn to trust. To become actively engaged in living and to quit distancing yourself from the life that’s going on around you.

Please do yourself a favor and pick this book up immediately. You are guaranteed to love it.

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