Book Cover for Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Magan: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Book Cover for Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi
Publication Date:
January 8, 2013
Target audience:
Young adult
dystopian, contrasting worlds, trilogy, Aether storms
Format read:
Borrowed from Anna (Thanks, lady!)

Summary: Aria is reunited with Perry (who is now a Blood Lord) and introduced to the Tides. The only friend she has is Roar and the Tides aren’t likely to accept her since she’s a Dweller. She’s on a mission to save the Dwellers (and hopefully the Tides, too) from the increasingly terrible Aether storms by seeking out the Still Blue.

In the vast sea of trilogies and series, it’s often hard to find a series that stands out from the crowd. Under the Never Sky was a great 2012 read, but I was anxious for more answers – I needed to understand the Aether better and I didn’t grasp why there was so much dissension between the Dwellers and the Outsiders. What had stripped these people apart from living as one society?

In Through the Ever Night, Rossi delivers answers in a perfectly timed and beautifully paced story. The world felt so much more complete and whole — quite possibly because of the sheer amount of exploration and travel Aria has to do. In UtNS, I understood Aria’s life as a Dweller within the compound walls, but this time, I began to understand how the Outsiders lived a bit more. (I will add here that I recommend you do a re-read of at least the last 25% of UtNS so you can jump into this book without hesitation. Jamie and Anna recommended I do this and this refresher made the transition to book two seamless.) The Aether storms were more vivid and the Tides compound was easy to picture, from the critical need for more food and supplies to the chilling glances they sent Aria’s way.

Aria and Perry’s relationship (swoon!) felt very or organic and natural. Things weren’t always perfectly easy for them, but Rossi didn’t throw in unnecessary challenges that over-complicated things for them either. Aria and Perry were sometimes forced to make decisions based on what they genuinely thought would be in the best interest of the other person, even if that meant their relationship might suffer through a hiccup. Perry wasn’t always in the easiest position; often he was caught between loving Aria and his duty to the Tides, causing tension and resistance. Many times, I couldn’t help but question how they would make it as a couple when the Tides accepting Aria seemed so impossible.

Thankfully Roar’s character provided some much-needed comedic relief to break up the stressful situations. He stood out in UtNS, being the humorous and dedicated friend to Perry that he is, but now, his role is amplified and we get to see a whole lot more of him. He’s still the silly sidekick, but he and Aria have a friendship built on a few months of being together after Perry leaves to rule the Tides. Roar helped me to understand Aria’s talents more, and I loved the easy way these two communicated with one another. (Never fear – theirs is not a love-relationship; purely friendship. No love triangle here.) Roar’s character allowed us to experience such a gamut of emotions, sometimes not always the cheerful ones expected of him.

There’s so much to love about Through the Ever Night – amazing character development, world building, and a storyline very different than others currently classified as dystopian. I absolutely loved everything about it (except now having to wait for Into the Still Blue). This is a very solid sequel by Rossi that I highly recommend you pick up as soon as possible!

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17 thoughts on “Magan: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

    • Magan says:

      Anna — I don’t think I have a good answer. I LOVE THEM BOTH. EQUALLY.
      Brittany — Yes! Natural is a great word to describe their relationship. It just worked. Le sigh…
      Taylor — I hope you enjoy it just as much if not MORE!
      Hemborgwife — you most certainly need to have this series in your life! 🙂

  1. Rachel says:

    MY LIBRARY NEEDS TO HURRY UP AND GIVE ME THIS BOOK. The wait is torture. I have heard nothing but good about TtEN. I’m so happy we get to see more of Roar. I loveeee him!

  2. Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you loved this one! I just adored it and I was so pleasantly surprised by the direction Rossi chose to make this novel go in. I can’t wait for the sequel now and definitely Aria and Perry – not to mention Roar! LOVE HIM! 😀

    • Magan says:

      Keertana — Yes! Me too! Ay yi yi! I just love all the characters! Can’t wait (well, I can because I don’t want it to end) to see how this wraps up!
      Rachel — Haha! YES, your library does. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Roar = AWESOME.

  3. Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley) says:

    Oh yay!!

    I won a signed copy of this from Epic Reads several weeks ago and I’m DYING to get it in the mail. It seems like everyone has already read it and I’m having the most whiny of all fits because I WANT IT NOW WAHHH. Okay, I’m over that.

    That being said, I literally DID just do a re-read of Under the Never Sky via audiobook recently and it was SO GOOD the second time around. And then I read the little novella. So I’m SO ANXIOUS to dive right into this story since everything is so fresh into my mind. I’m so excited that EVERYONE is loving it, and it seems like everyone is loving it at least as much or maybe even better than the first book. YAYYY!!!

  4. Hannah @ So Obsessed With says:

    I just started reading Under the Never Sky yesterday (I know, I know), but I already bought this one because I’m anticipating wanting to read it as soon as I’m done with the first book. I’m crazy, right?

    I’m like 30% through and definitely need more info on what’s going on. Rossi just throws you right into the story, doesn’t she? I’m a little confused on some of this business, not going to lie.

    • Magan says:

      We’ve since tweeted about this and I AM SO HAPPY YOU ENDED UP LOVING IT! Go, Hannah! You’re going to love, love, love Roar in TtEN. Dang! So good!

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