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Make It Last by Megan Erickson ( web | tweet | facebook )
Part of Bowler University new adult series.
Published January 6, 2015 from William Morrow Impulse
Pages: 384
Format read: ARC from Publisher via Edelweiss (Thank you!)
Last reviewed: Make It Right

Summary: Before figuring out next steps post-graduation, Cam returns home to take care of his mom only to be bombarded with strong memories from his past. Can he leave Paradise for New York or should he give a second chance a shot?


They say you can’t go home again, but sometimes you have to.

Cam finishes up his degree at Bowler University a semester and heads home to take care of his ailing mother. He’s avoiding his hometown of Paradise since he went away to school, but even the time away has not lessened how difficult it is to be there. Memories of his past with high school sweetheart, Tate Ellison, are everywhere and he’s surprised (and frustrated) to discover after all her big plans, she’s still working in the same diner and living at home.

Sure, there’s a possibility he can survive the summer in Paradise and head to New York City for his new job without dealing with Tate or all the bad feelings he still has over their break-up. But, kind readers, if this was the case we would not have a story and what a sweet, sexy story it is.

Unlike the rest of Megan Erickson’s BU series, Make It Last does not take place on a college campus. Instead, we’re thrown into that “in between” time when you feel awkward returning home after time away and aren’t so sure of the next steps in your life. Cam has always been a mystery to me throughout the series but I quickly fell for him. He’s thoughtful, loyal, responsible, and, um, extremely hot. (And tattooed.)

It’s never a good time to bump into an ex, especially one you pictured your entire future with. Cam was never a monk in college, but he also never found a girl worth spending more than a short period of time with. He doesn’t want to feel anything when he sees Tate again, but he can’t help but slip into this caregiver role when he finds out things haven’t been great for her. Even if she did totally betray him.

One thing: I rarely see a guy falling into this kind of situation. It seems so common for the girl to overlook someone’s faults and just try, try again. Or not even try. Reemerge as a presence in the life of someone who didn’t treat you well. So to see Cam wanting to be Tate’s friend, even if he’s not over what she did and can’t seem to forget how it felt to be with her, it was a nice change.

Erickson truly delivers in this story of second chances because it’s more about moving forward than trying to relive the past. Tate and Cam can’t deny they are different people know that they have been apart, but the commitment and the care they had for each other, though tested, still lives. Is it enough to make part 2 of their relationship an actual thing?

Honestly, there’s a lot standing in their way. Some very serious things and this little, well, twist that I did not see coming. (It’s so nice to be surprised in books.) Though Cam and Tate’s home situations mirror each other a bit too similarly, I loved the supporting characters that came along with it. Tate’s dad was laugh-out-loud funny, and I loved how Cam’s mom has an arc about her own feelings for Tate too.

This book is so incredibly different from Make It Count and Make It Right, that I could definitely see new readers jumping into the series and reading the third book as their first. You do meet up with the crew from the other two books a bit but it’s not enough to spoil the journey of their stories. I should warn you though: for once, I was glad it was so cold outside while I was reading this because a few of these scenes were so scorching hot.

It’s always such a treat to read a new book from Megan — the balance between character development with a healthy dose of sexy is so spot-on — and I’m pumped to see what she has up for us next!

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  1. Alexa S. says:

    After you so kindly reminded me that Make It Last was out, I downloaded it and read it. It was so good! Fell hard for Cam, and loved seeing how his relationship with Tate progresses from start to finish. Seriously, Megan Erickson knows how to write a good story AND romance!

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