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Mothers of Book Lovers: Meet Pam & Ramona

Hello, pals! For both of us, a love of reading is a bit of a family tradition. With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, we wanted the special ladies in our lives to take centerstage and stop by the blog to talk about their top reading picks and (unselfishly — we swear!) a little bit about us. Out of the two of us, Estelle is the one to have met both moms and perhaps unsurprisingly, she’s convinced they would totally hit it off if they were ever in the same time zone. Maybe someday. Until then… come say hi to the original “two busy ladies who always have time for a book”!

Meet Magan’s Mom

MaganPam: Mom to 3, former teacher, loving grandmother, shoe addict, romance book fanatic

Bridge to Terabithia (Katherine Paterson) is one of my all-time favorite books. I first read this book as a young mom. Mainly because I wanted to screen the books my daughter wanted to read. I was that kind of mom. Unbeknownst to me was that I would fall in love with the story itself. It’s a real tearjerker! When the book was later made into a movie, I already knew I would not watch it because the best movie was the one created in my mind when I read the book. I’m a firm believer that books are always better than the movie.

Okay….I’m a romantic…Cannot help it! Diana Palmer could not write a book fast enough for me. I’m hooked on her kind of stories. She is a history major and a fabulous writer. I also think she is a closet comedian. All three of these characteristics are right up my alley! Picking just one of her books would be a disgrace and an injustice. Although her Long Tall Texans series really makes this Texas girl’s heart pitter-patter a little faster than normal.

Again I can’t choose just one book, but a series. Janet Dailey wrote an Americana series: “Every novel in this collection is your passport to a romantic tour of the United States”. I love to travel. When I was young and didn’t have the means to travel, I hopped aboard a book. Janet Dailey gave me everything I was looking for as I traveled the entire USA! Her ability to create a good romance on top of it all was perfect. She also has a flare for a bit of mystery. This little pop of solving a case and the brewing romance from state to state was just what I needed. I cried when I knew the journey was coming to an end. Recently, I’ve become hooked on her series: The Bannon Brothers.

Zimmerhanzel Ladies Mother

On Magan & reading: “Magan…gets her interest in reading HONESTLY. I may not have been able to afford a lot when she was young, but books were always welcome in our home. She was a book nerd as soon as she could pick up a book. Many nights I would find her snuggled in bed with a flashlight reading a book. Who was I to fuss at her because most likely, I was still up reading myself! I admire that Magan does not limited herself as I have done. She can pick up any genre of book and read it as long as it is well written. She also likes to read anywhere. Luckily for her a good book is always within reach nowadays because of the great devices such as a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad, etc.”

Meet Estelle’s Mom

Ramona: Mom of 2; chatterbox/go-getter who loves everything Disney and white zinfandel

Been working like crazy, so here’s a list:

  • Prodigal Son by Danielle Steele: About the relationship of twin boys, one good and one evil, and how they come together back in their hometown as adults. (Estelle note: would not be my mom if there wasn’t a Steele recommendation!)
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger: Loved it… how they meet, fell in love and how he traveled through time and always came back to her. (Estelle note: I loved this one too. Definitely need to reread it one of these days.)
  • P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern: Another tearjerker… Her love dies and leaves her monthly letters and how she goes on.
  • Riding the Wave by Lorelie Brown: Surfer returns back to his hometown after his father’s death and reconnect with his best friend’s sister. (Estelle note: I’m seeing where I got my book tastes from here…)

Can you tell I love, love, love LOVE STORIES?


On Estelle & reading: “Estelle is a chip off the old block. I was an insatiable reader as soon as I learned and she did the same. By kindergarten she feel in love with Brown Bear Brown Bear and never stopped reading. Our Home & School Association would be waiting for Estelle to come to the book fair where she would give them a huge profit every year. Crazy me, I would give her a blank check! Thank God for the local library. When she read through all her “bought” books, we had the library to get her through. It could have been worse; my daughter was a bookaholic and still is! I wish I could read as often as I used to, I read 5 books in a week during my vacation. I was in my glory! Nothing like sunshine, a pool and a good book. I cannot remember when Estelle started carrying pocketbooks, but when she did… there was always a “spare” book in her bag.”

 Wasn’t that fun? Thanks, Moms! A lesson learned while putting this post together? Take pictures with your moms and maybe another… never hesitate when it comes to sharing a dear-to-you read with dear old mom.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day, friends!

May 31, 2015 - 8:01 am

It's a Wrap | MAY We Remember You Kindly, Estelle - […] Mothers of Book Lovers: Meet Ramona & Pam […]

May 8, 2015 - 11:06 am

Alexa S. - This post is utterly adorable, ladies! I loved getting to know our moms a wee bit better, and I ADORE their preference for romance in their novels 😉 It’s lovely to see how much they encouraged you to read, and how it really took off in both your lives. Thanks for sharing!

May 7, 2015 - 11:01 pm

Pam - I think we are friends already….hello!

This was fun. When Magan asked me to do this, I said that I better do it then, that day! It was a very quickly written! I felt like I’ve done this before in a dream…weird, and I can’t seem to shake this feeling.

May 7, 2015 - 1:05 pm

Ramona - Love it….yes, Pam and I can and should be friends……

May 7, 2015 - 10:32 am

Emma @ Miss Print - I love this post idea! It’s so cool that both of your mothers were on board to guest post. And what great recs from both of your moms!

May 7, 2015 - 9:25 am

Christina - This is adorable! Happy Mothers’ Day!!

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