Nailed It: Upcoming June Releases

Welcome to another Nailed It!

The weather is getting warmer in our neck of the woods, and we’re feeling more and more inspired to seek out the bright colors in our nail polish collections! Isn’t that the best?

Before we share our color palettes for some upcoming June releases, we wanted to feature some purdy nail photos from our giveaway winners back in April! Both gals were kind enough to share their nails in action.

Nailed It Winners from April 2013: Rather Be Reading launched a new series featuring nail palettes + book covers.

 Don’t they look fantastic? Love the colors they picked out!

And now for this months nail palettes + book cover pairings….

Magan’s Pick:

When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney, from a photographic standpoint, is a really lovely image. I love the editing they did on the photograph because it evokes a mood. I could not decide on a blue to pull from this cover (other than Julianne, that Estelle previously chose, and it still didn’t seem quite right either). What better time is there to wear white nail polish than when you’re working on your summer tan? And purples aren’t typically my first choice, but I love, love the shade on the WYWH cover. The green is maybe the less obvious choice, but I pulled it from the trees and the grass to give this a brighter, summery pop!

Julep Nail Polish Colors: Charlotte | Kate | Adrianna

When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney -- June 4, 2013 Release Date

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Estelle’s Pick:

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. I know, I know… everyone in the world is super hyping up this book but Dessen is a young adult staple and this cover — screams summer to me. So I don’t blame them. As for the cover, I love how the girl is walking down that pier, wearing such a relaxed outfit. The greens are so vivid and mostly, I am loving the array of colors in the title. Is anyone else super digging the newly designed Sarah Dessen covers? I cannot cannot get enough of them. The typography is so simple but it… just works!

Julep Nail Polish Colors: Ally | Leah | Avery


Nailed It The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen June 2013

Julep didn’t have any PERFECT blues to match the shades in this cover (there are so many) but ALLY  matches the title, LEAH is all about the grass, and AVERY is that cute little skirt our character model is wearing. This palette is so fun + perfect for vacation or a summer day out!

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9 thoughts on “Nailed It: Upcoming June Releases

  1. Rachel says:

    STOP BEING SO PERFECT YOU TWO. I love this feature and I hope you do it for forever because it is the highlight of my blog reading. I loveeee Magan’s choices and those colors are so pretty. I want them all. And yay for The Moon and More because we all know I’d marry that book if I could.

  2. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    Oh look! it’s my nails! hehe Thanks again for the nail polish 🙂 I still love it so. As for the new picks.. totally want Avery & Charlotte! Too too cute!!

  3. Alexa Y. says:

    I absolutely ADORE this feature. I love Ally, Avery and Charlotte quite a bit. Perhaps I should go and get them? I’m starting to be better at doing my nails 😉

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