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Someone I follow on Twitter mentioned how he kept hearing from friends and family what a crappy year it was and how they couldn’t wait for 2015. Do you feel that way? I can’t say that I do. 2014 has had its share of ups and downs like any other year, and oh gosh, did it go in a flash! I’m always happy to have a little time to reflect on the year on RBR and answer some of Magan’s questions. (Be sure to go back and check out her answers from the same little exercise.)

Happy Monday and enjoy!


What’s one lesson or piece of advice you learned in 2014 that you’d be willing to share? You and I have ended each year with ways we’d like to push forward each new year and grow. We should celebrate the milestones – even if it doesn’t feel super momentous – because hopefully next year will be even better.

Even though this is the first question, I answered it last. It’s so hard to pinpoint one single lesson I learned from this year because there are so many, like it’s okay if you don’t know how to do things, it’s okay if you make a mistake doing them; and it’s also okay if you decide something for yourself and it doesn’t necessarily follow what everyone else is doing. This year involved a lot of acceptance and tough truths, and I’ll admit, sometimes it’s easy to keep on trucking and sometimes it’s so incredibly difficult. I am thankful each and every day for the people in my life who allow me to be incredibly honest with them, especially when I am most imperfect. Does this help at all? Maybe? Sorta? Basically, it’s okay to show your vulnerable side and keep those important people close to you.

What was one of your biggest splurges this year (clothes/hair/ makeup/ shoes handbags) that you were so excited about and what disappointed you the most or was a great waste of money?

I’m so glad you asked this question! My biggest splurge this year was Fossil’s Cecile watch in pink. There was a sale around my birthday, and I decided just to go with it. I had been staring it down forever. Hands down, the best decision because I have been wearing it obsessively and I receive so many compliments.

Best Buy of 2014 Rather Be Reading Blog

This will not stop me from buying other watches though. I have my eye on this one for next year. (Hey, I’m turning 30; I’ll need a treat.)

My biggest disappointment was Alex & Ani’s Tree of Life Stud bracelet. Not because I don’t love the design (I do) but the silver got tarnished really quickly and looks a bit yellow. I still wear it because I feel like it’s been good luck to me this year but I hate the way it looks. I won’t be buying a stud bracelet from them again.

You made a lot of HUGE changes this year — you chopped all your hair off (love it so much!) and started a new job in the publishing world. How do you feel about these changes and, though scary, are you happy you took the leap?

SUCH a huge year of transition = yes. I love the hair. I had to cut it off because I felt dumb being terrified to do it. It’s just hair. I am actually surprised how much I love it. Sure, I have to get it cut more but I think it also reminds me how much self-care is important. (Also convinced me to finally find a place to get my eyebrows done in my neighborhood.) I read so much about cutting your hair this drastically and how so many felt they were hiding behind their hair. I realized I was totally doing the same time.

As for the new job, I was at my old office for six years and that’s a really long time. I had gone on another interview where they called me a “loyalist” and I wondered if that was a bad thing. Kind of like the hair, I think it’s great to work somewhere that feels comfortable but it’s also really important to shake it up so you don’t get stale. I was very stale. So I’m thrilled with what I’m doing right now, but I think the transition has been a whole lot more emotional than I imagined and also has made me entirely too reflective. (Maybe it’s not entirely a bad thing?) One thing I do know is that I’m loving the opportunities I have to learn and grow. That sounds kind of cheesy but when you feel a bit stunted, this can be the most refreshing thing ever and improve all aspects of your life — not just the professional side.

2015 will also be a big year for you guys as James finishes grad school! (WOO!) What are a few changes you’ll be working through in the next year? (Moving to Texas, right? RIGHT?) Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to?

Well, as James likes to remind me, he’s basically going to be ignoring me all summer as he studies for the bar. Not being great test takers is something we actually have in common, so I’m hoping it all works out and he lands a job that makes him happy. After all of his hard work, he totally deserves it.

Personally, I will be relieved to be a two-salary household again. This shit is hard and if I had to do one more year of it, I would have gone nuts. We’ve still managed to spoil each other if we could… but it will be nice to think ahead, save, and not worry as much about being scrappy.

I think the biggest change will be moving to another apartment. We love our neighborhood so much and will probably stay put but it will be nice to have a place that’s a little big bigger and easier for he and I to both work from home when we need to. (So basically I have to start cutting down my book collection now. haha)

This was the first year that you and I didn’t get to reconnect in person. (I could throw a fit.) When we reunify in January, what are two must-do things on our Disney World agenda, aside from shopping and coffee and you meeting Everett? Squee!

I am so excited for this I could cry. We have about a month to go (as I’m writing this) and I am so excited to see your face and meet my new best friend, E, that I don’t even care that we are going to Disney World. Okay, I care a little bit. It’s going to be so fun to show you the place I love so much, and see your reaction (especially since it’s your first time). I would love to spend time with you in Animal Kingdom because that park gives me such peace and I know there are a ton of photo opportunities you would love. Aesthetically, it’s the best. I am already predicting we get zero sleep because we are going to be gabbing so much.

Estelle and Donald in WDW 2014

My second must-do for us is to track down Belle and get her to take a picture with us. The book lovers have to stick together!

What are your current favorite television obsessions? And did you see any movies or Broadway shows in 2014 that everyone must see?

Oh gosh. James and I have been binge-watching Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. It’s currently in its 4th season but all the past seasons are on Netflix and it’s seriously one of the best family shows I’ve watched in awhile, and surprisingly sex positive. Tim Allen plays a dad who does marketing at an outdoors store, his wife is a geologist, and he has three daughters at differing ages. Think of Home Improvement but swap out the boys for the girls. It’s such a tongue-in-cheek show, and it’s definitely something James and I enjoy together.

Another show I just love is The Goldbergs. Nerd-tastic and heartwarming. I tear up at the end of every episode.

Ah, Broadway. Feels like it’s been a sad year here as so many shows are scheduled to close in the New Year. I can’t say I’m recommending much at the moment but I’m looking forward to Finding Neverland, and there are a few shows coming to a NJ theater I am hoping to see: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (yes this is a Disney show) and Ever After. Here’s hoping something sticks next year!

How would you describe your style and what’s one of your biggest fashion no-nos you think should never be done?

And I thought those other questions were tough! I like to be comfortable but I also like to be neat and sort of creative. Whether it’s a color combination (I love fun tights) or a great piece of jewelry (statement necklaces or fun, dangley earrings) I try to inject some personality into my clothes. (Try is the operative word because I’ve very rarely satisfied. How do people look so put together ALL the time?)

As for a fashion no-no? Gosh, that’s a hard one. How about… wear the right undergarments? So very important and my parting advice for this post. 😉

 Thanks so much for reading along! Here’s to a happy, healthy, and successful 2015 for all of us!


3 thoughts on “We’re Not Talking About Books 2014 | Estelle

  1. Meg says:

    I find this post very inspirational, Estelle! You’ve definitely had a big year, and I hope good things are afoot for y’all. Sounds like they certainly are! Also, “The Goldbergs” is hilarious. Everything is coming up Barry!

  2. Alexa S. says:

    As always, you’ve shared such thoughtful answers! I love reading these posts because it feels like I get to learn a little more about you + Magan, more than just the books and authors you love. Love the advice you shared too, and wish you an awesome 2015 <3

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