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Our Joint Shelve It and DC Trip Re-Cap

weekly feature to share the books magan and estelle are adding to their bookshelves each week

As you guys are probably aware, Estelle + I were together this past weekend in Washington, DC. We had such a great time hanging out and discussing books, life, and seeing as much of the city as we could together. Never before have we been able to do a Shelve It (or any other vlog for that matter) together. We each brought along a few books to swap in person so we sat down for a while together and recorded the vlog below. Warning: we laugh a lot and are pretty giddy to just be hanging out. Some of you may have already watched the vlog because we tweeted it and shared it on Facebook, but our hang out isn’t official until it was shared on the blog, right?

Books Mentioned: 

+ The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler from Simon & Schuster — Jude’s father is sick. She spends the summer with him repairing his old 1961 motorcycle that causes his eyes to light up and for Jude to hope this will fix him. The only catch is they need a Vargas brother’s help repairing the bike — and Jude’s older sisters made her take a blood oath she’d stay away from all Vargas boys.

+ Golden by Jessi Kirby from Simon & Schuster — Parker has always done what she’s been told and never taken a risk. When the journal of a girl who died ten years ago lands in her lap, Parker uncharacteristically takes it and begins to read Julianna’s entries. P becomes fascinated with what happened to her and tries to solve the puzzle of what really happened to Julianna and Shane.

+ Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith — Estelle skipped everything on her reading list to begin this one last week. Before she even finished the book, she pre-ordered a finished copy for herself. It’s going down as one of her 2013 favorites so far, and I am so looking forward to reading it. I’ve heard nothing but good things so far, and E compares it to books written by Australian authors.

+ The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spading — Estelle reviewed this awesome book on the blog yesterday, singing its praises! Tara of Fiction Folio sent E a finished copy for her birthday and E is graciously lending it to me. Yippie! I love a book that dives into family issues and I’m excited E felt this book was so authentic.

<<< DC Re-cap >>>

magan and estelle together in washington, dc

Estelle woke up super duper early to fly to DC from NYC (4:30AM — I’m not sure my clock knows those numbers exist). I was already in DC with my husband, Dustyn, his parents, and my mom. We were there just to visit and tour the city. My mom and I had never been and while I’m not the biggest history buff, I really wanted to see some of our country’s most fascinating historical landmarks. It worked out perfectly that I got to see E this past weekend because for the first time I was able to give her the birthday present I brought along in person! 

Even though JetBlue tried to keep us apart with delays and hydraulics problems, E made it to the city! We jumped right into the site-seeing and went to the Newseum, a really awesome new museum that takes you through some important milestones in our history. Our favorite parts were the Pulitzer Prize photography area where the walls were covered in photos and they were playing a film with some of the photographers discussing why they took the photographs. (I cried. Some of these photos were so gut-wrenching.) They also have a 9/11 area with the twisted antenna on display from one of the towers and a short film of interviews with the news teams who bravely covered the news that day. It still doesn’t seem real — that this happened, ya know?

After the Newseum, we hung out at the house we were renting and made plans to have dinner with the adorable Sasha of Sash & Em. Guys, we love this girl. LOVE HER. She’s adorable and sweet and we love discussing books with her. Two and a half hours just flew by and we were so, so sad to part ways.

rather be reading meet up with sasha of sash and em

When we got home, we made the silly Shelve It vlog you saw above + had an awesome time with Ginger at GReads! in a Google+ hangout. So fun to relax and laugh and talk books with one of our favorite ladies. We were having some silly technical difficulties and G+ wouldn’t let us talk to our friend Elena at Novel Sounds. That was a major bummer, but we’re determined it will happen in the near future.

The next morning was really bittersweet as we had breakfast together at the cutest little restaurant/book store there ever was: Busboys and Poets. We really just couldn’t get over how ideal this place was — delicious food, amazing atmosphere, and a great book section where we found a very eclectic YA section. It was made for us!

photographs from busboys and poets in washington dc

We had to (very, very sadly) go our separate ways after breakfast. E took the train back to NYC and I continued to tour the city with the family. We sent countless pouty texts to one another about how sad we were. Guys, it feels like a break-up when we have to leave each other. Ugh.

There are lots more photos of us together, but since I just got home, I haven’t taken them off my camera yet (all of the above were shot with our phones). Those are coming soon, I promise.

Our little weekend hangout is over, but ahhh, it was the best weekend. Very much looking forward to our next reunion, which is hopefully much sooner than our last one in NYC (see our dinner with Alexa video here and read the NYC re-cap here).

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