Pitch Dark Days Tour – Austin, TX: Barnes & Noble

Last Friday was one of the BEST bookish Friday nights I’ve ever had because of the Pitch Dark Days tour stopping in Austin. I met Katie of Mundie Moms at ALA Mid-Winter. She and I have had a ton of fun getting to know each other and dweeb out over books. (Oh, and Chuy’s… a must-have restaurant for all of you who may one day venture to Austin).

I helped Katie live tweet and film the interview (I was the camera holder, so I apologize for any shake-age that occurred if they made me laugh) she did while the Pitch Dark Days tour authors were in town.

Just who were those awesome authors?

Jodi Meadows: Author of Incarnate
Cynthia Hand: Author of Unearthly and Hallowed
Brodi Ashton: Author of Everneath
Courtney Allison Moulton: Author of  Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked

It was so much fun to get to listen to each author read an excerpt from her book and answer questions from the audience. Katie and I were speed tweeters last Friday! In between tweeting, I took some photographs. I’ve put together a little gallery of them for you below. I hope you enjoy!

I really, really encourage you to get to know these ladies on twitter and READ THEIR BOOKS. And go to the Pitch Dark Days tour if they stop at a city near you!

Here are a few important links for you:

|| Katie’s post on Mundie Moms with her recap. (She is doing a giveaway, so go enter! It ends on March 14, 2012.)
|| Find Tour Dates for events near you on the Pitch Dark Days website.
|| Courtney put together a video of their whole tour here! (It’s AWESOME.)



ETA: You should know that Jodi knitted the mits she gave away. She’s cool and super talented like that!

After the event wrapped up at Barnes and Noble, approximately 15 bloggers went to Chuy’s with the authors. (*Special shout out to the hostesses at Chuy’s. They were SUPER FANTASTIC and worked their bums off to get us all seated together, even though we told them separating was okay.)

Even though Jodi grew up in the Austin area, she had *gasp* never been to Chuy’s before. I now have proof that she’s been!

jodi meadows, iphone pictures of jodi meadows

We wrapped up the evening with a few iPhone/instagram pictures with the ladies. Please excuse the dark, mood-lighting at Chuy’s. 😉 From left to right we are: Brodi, Cynthia, Me, Courtney, and Jodi.

Thank you to Katie for having me along for such a fun evening! Also, huge thanks go out to HarperTeen for allowing these ladies to visit our fabulous city. And to each of the authors, THANK YOU for your books and for sharing so much with us!

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  1. Mundie Moms says:

    YOU freaking rock! Seriously, this was so much fun. Wait till our video is up. I laugh every time I watch it. THANK YOU so much for all you did that night. I can’t wait for our team of awesomeness to meet up again in April 🙂

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