wardrobe inspired by rites of passage book

Rites of Passage: A Bootcamp Wardrobe + Giveaway


Attention, friends, attention! Today is such an exciting day for Alexa, Rachel, and me. Rites of Passage is a review book we were all so, so lucky to receive review copies of. I DEVOURED IT. And recently, Rachel visited Austin, TX (where I live) and we could not stop talking about this book. We’re each spotlighting fun things about this incredible book (on Wednesday, I’ll do a full review for y’all) because RITES OF PASSAGE IS OUT TOMORROW. That’s right — plan a trip to your local bookstore tomorrow. You won’t be sorry.

Rites of Passage Book Cover

Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley
Publication date: September 9, 2014
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 416
Target Audience: Young Adult
Keywords: Military Academy, sexism, hazing and bullying
Format read: ARC received from the Publisher. (Thank you!)

SYNOPSIS: Sam McKenna’s never turned down a dare. And she’s not going to start with the last one her brother gave her before he died.

So Sam joins the first-ever class of girls at the prestigious Denmark Military Academy. She’s expecting push-ups and long runs, rope climbing and mud-crawling. As a military brat, she can handle an obstacle course just as well as the boys. She’s even expecting the hostility she gets from some of the cadets who don’t think girls belong there. What she’s not expecting is her fiery attraction to her drill sergeant. But dating is strictly forbidden and Sam won’t risk her future, or the dare, on something so petty…no matter how much she wants him.

As Sam struggles to prove herself, she discovers that some of the boys don’t just want her gone—they will stop at nothing to drive her out. When their petty threats turn to brutal hazing, bleeding into every corner of her life, she realizes they are not acting alone. A decades-old secret society is alive and active… and determined to force her out.
At any cost.

Now time’s running short. Sam must decide who she can trust…and choosing the wrong person could have deadly consequences.

I had this grand, grand idea of doing a Parent’s Weekend Survival Kit for Sam, but without saying too much, once I reflected back on some events in the book, I realized that just didn’t seem true her story. But of course I still wanted to window shop. I challenged myself to create a Military-themed bootcamp wardrobe because this is so outside of my norm. I don’t own anything like this in my current wardrobe, but after pulling this together, that might change. Enjoy!

wardrobe inspired by rites of passage book

  1. Dr. Martens — Can anyone else remember wearing these in middle school or high school? Anyone? I was OBSESSED. When these showed up during my search, it was like a time warp. How are these coming back in style?! They’re so heavy I hold them soley responsible for my back problems. 😉
  2. Nice Guise Leggings — If these leggings PROMISED to hide and disguise my thighs, I would buy them in a heartbeat. Right?
  3. Bomber Jacket — Something I’ve always, always wanted to add to my collection, but seems to always be out of my budget. This Forever 21 version has definitely caught my attention, though!
  4. Military Dog Tags — It’s undeniable that dog tags had to be part of the wardrobe. I love the font used on these. While I know they aren’t identical to the military ones, I think this is a nice nod toward the originals.
  5. Aviator Sunglasses — My favorite pair of aviators I’ve owned were from Fossil (like many of my favorite wardrobe staples), but these Ray-Bans are so quintessentially military. I love the variety of colors they come in, too!
  6. Rucksack Fossil Bag — This bag is listed under the men’s section, but I think it’s the perfect companion for quick trips and would be so easy to pack for a little getaway. (And the interior is orange, which I love!)

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14 thoughts on “Rites of Passage: A Bootcamp Wardrobe + Giveaway

  1. Brianna says:

    I haven’t read many military novels, but this one sounds like a fresh perspective. Plus, you had me at secret society.

    One of my cousins and I are about eight months apart and when we were kids, I idolized him. I followed him everywhere. Well, he had a pair of Doc Martens and I was in absolute awe because I thought they were the coolest shoes on the planet.

  2. Mawa Mahima says:

    Oh, this sounds like it’s going to be absolutely great! I like main characters like her…and the wardrobe is amazing! I especially like the shoes, and the dog tag necklace.

  3. Lucy says:

    I just started reading the e-arc of this book and have only heard great things Love your fashion feature – ! Dr. Martens are classics for sure- I don’t think they ever went out of style for teens. But yeah they probably destroyed my back too.

  4. Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) says:

    I can’t get over how much everyone loves this book and it is one that I want to read because my friends have loved it. Complete word of mouth, which is kind of awesome. ALSO: I have undying love for Doc Martens, forever and ever. I will never reveal how many pairs I’ve had/currently have, and how much money I have given that company in my lifetime. No shame.

  5. Jaime Lynn says:

    It sounds amazing, and from what I have heard from people it is even better than it sounds. Besides, I haven’t read anything really like this before, and I am always up for new adventures! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Kayla says:

    I want to read this because it sounds very interesting and is a modern twist on one of my favorite fantasy tropes – first girl in a warrior school of some sort. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  7. Alexa S. says:

    Not going to lie – I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING in this post. Obsessed to the point where I just want to own them all! I think I’m particularly in love with those aviators, and that dog tag inspired necklace – they’re two things I could definitely integrate well into my wardrobe.

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