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I’m kicking off this Friday with a confession: I peaked at running in elementary school. But, strangely, in the past four years I have found myself friends with inspiring, dedicated people who run for fun and take part in so many types of events that involve running. So, if anything, I’ve become an official running cheerleader. (Thanks, mostly, to RunDisney.)

Today I’m happy to champion running in the book committee, helping to spread the word about the return of YA Runs a 5K event, organized by the lovely Melody of Hollywood the Write Way (and fellow Jersey girl). After a successful go last year (they raised over $3K for First Book), this time YA Runs a 5K will be raising money for We Need Diverse Books. As co-hosts of the Dive into Diversity reading challenge this year, Magan and I are both psyched to hear about that.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • This year’s YA Runs a 5K will be taking place on Saturday, June 6th in Philadelphia, PA.
  • It’s SUPERHERO themed: the Super Run.
  • Good news! There’s a chance you could win books or writing critiques (which also means, generous friends, donations are welcome).
  • All the info you need is here: YA Runs a 5K.
  • Psst. If you can’t run on June 6th, there’s a virtual run too!

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite YA books that involve characters & running:

How about some blogs by Disney runners?

Revved up yet? I hope so! Even if you aren’t a local, there are a ton of opportunities to be a part of YA Runs a 5K — even if it’s just tweeting about the event! Don’t forget to use the #YARunsa5K hashtag. Hooray for young adult books and getting outside in the fresh air — all in the name of diversity!

4 thoughts on “Running, Reading, Diversity | #YARunsa5K

  1. Leah says:

    🙁 See, these are the moments when I wish Pittsburgh would have more bloggers. I LOVE running and would absolutely love to do a marathon with other readers/bloggers!

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