Estelle’s Shelve It: 9/16/2012

weekly feature focusing on the books we bought, borrowed, and received from publishers

I’m starting to think I should get “I Love the Library” tattooed to my arm because  I love that place. The pile I talked about a few weeks ago has almost disappeared and I managed NOT to rack up any late fees this time. Cheer with me!

…so like an normal person, I requested 10 more books from my library. And got a few of them within a day or two.

Note to self: go pick up the rest of my books later today!

…you must also know I lifted by book buying ban for the David Levithan event at NYC last week. I went with Rachel and Alexa to see David read, and then the three of us spent a lot of time figuring out what to buy afterwards. It was a lot of fun. (Thanks to my husband for getting sucked into a book about underground New York and not even noticing how long we went up and down the aisles.)

Anyway… here’s the rundown:


how they met & other stories by david levithan
looking for alibrandi by melina marchetta
drama by raina telgemier
every day by david levithan

these two are e-books:

simple irresistable by jill shalvis (thanks to jess from gone with the words for telling me about this deal!
breathe by abbi glines (brought to my attention by allison over at good books & good wine!)


the julian game by adele griffith
the realm of possibility by david levithan
paper covers rock by jenny hubbard
summer rental by mary kay andrews


friends, I am the luckiest girl in the world because I received a secret package from miley cyrus in the mail yesterday! i absolutely adore her, and i’m even starting to like her new SHOCKING haircut.

attachments by rainbow rowell (oh, a splendid review by elena at novel sounds)

on the blog

showing appreciation for your favorite bloggers
silhouette of a sparrow by molly beth griffin
and then things fall apart by arliana tibensky
the big kids’ table: exciting new adult releases for the fall!
like moonlight at low tide by nicole quigley

thanks for stopping in! xo

8 thoughts on “Estelle’s Shelve It: 9/16/2012

  1. elena says:

    That IS a tragedy about the cookie. I’m sending positive cookie vibes your way. I’m so jealous of you going to see David Levithan! He sounds AMAZING live. Hehe that Miley Cyrus is such a good friend. 🙂

  2. VeganYANerds says:

    The event sounds great, Estelle! It’s a shame your cat stood on the cookie, my cats would have been trying to eat it, too!

    The only book by David I’ve read is WG, WG, so I really need to read one of his own books and I plan on reading Every Day soon.

    Also you got Looking for Alibrandi, yay!

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