Shelve It: A Pepper Photobomb (Plus Books)

weekly feature to share the books magan and estelle are adding to their bookshelves each week

Hiya! No v-log today… I have the worst cough in the universe and I wouldn’t want you guys to experience that. (My husband and my cat are just about my limit.) I’m sitting here in my pjs and there are 50 mph winds going on outside — and in a few days? Thanksgiving! I just can’t believe that the holiday season is upon us already. SO EXCITING. As you may remember, I’m sort of obsessed with the holidays and Magan and I have been very psyched about our December posts. So be on the look out for something totally different than what we have been doing for the past 11 months!

In other news:

  • I read my last review book this week. It was ROOMIES by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando. Please pre-order. I’ll give you 10 minutes. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Did you do it yet? If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved it. Definitely the perfect way to end my book reviewing this year.
  • I also hit my book reading challenge. 150 books under my belt for another year. I’m just happy to have the chance to read through books on my own bookshelves for the last weeks of the year!
  • I didn’t see Catching Fire this weekend but I’m hoping I can make it happen this week. It’s so tough with FROZEN coming out next weekend too. Too many movies to see! It seems like everyone I followed on Twitter loved it, though. Is this true?
  • I am currently 20 or so days into my book buying ban. I feel like this is the absolute longest I’ve lasted, and I think I’m going to try to continue through December. Every time I look through the multiple books sitting in piles in my apartment, I have forgotten they existed. That’s a bad sign right?

Without buying, I did receive a few books in the mail in the past few weeks:

Shelve It November 24

(Photobomb courtesy of Pepper.)

Scones & Sensibility by Lindsay Eland: A Summer of Sundays was one of my favorite middle grades this year + I got S&S at an event this week. I’m so looking forward to reading it (and probably feeling hungry when I do).

Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne: I was given this copy with the promise that a contemporary reader will enjoy it! Chemical weapons, high school kids, and a superstore? Interesting!

The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher: Scholastic sent me this one &  I hadn’t heard of it before. But it’s a thriller about a girl’s dad accused of murdering someone else. It releases in January 2014.

Tales from My Closet by Jennifer Anne Moses: Scholastic also sent me this January release. It’s set in Jersey, which automatically made me excited and a group of friends, making a fashion statement with toilet paper (?) and more. The bright cover is so eye catching!

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach: I won this copy in a Little Brown contest on Twitter. Yay a big kid book about baseball! One thing changes (the mystery!) and it affects five people. Looking forward to this one a ton!


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That’s the excitement for this week! Let us know what you are reading!
And don’t forget to enter our LIES YOU WANTED TO HEAR giveaway!

Have a super (short) week!! xo

7 thoughts on “Shelve It: A Pepper Photobomb (Plus Books)

  1. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads says:

    Kudos on keeping up with your book buying ban! I know how tough that is … I didn’t think that I’d actually buy many books this year since a) I’m on EI while on maternity leave so therefore a reduced income, b) I thought I’d actually READ the books on my shelves and c) I promised myself that I’d work on finishing the series that I’d started before reading any new ones but …. well, I guess those reasons weren’t good enough =P So, yeah, I feel you on that one.

    BUT, I also hope you feel better soon! My hubby was down with a cold earlier this week, and has now passed along his sniffles to Marko & I. So it’s been a lazy weekend on our end too.

  2. Sara (of The Page Sage) says:

    The Killing Woods sounds really good! Really liked Christopher’s Stolen.

    I haven’t seen Catching Fire either, but I’ve heard it’s amazing! Frozen looks really cute but I just can’t stomach seeing it after what the comments the Disney animator made about female characters. :/

  3. April Books & Wine says:

    I really liked Monument 14, despite a few issues. It was a quick read and very action-oriented.

    I’ve heard good things about The Art Of Fielding.

    Hahhhhh, book bans are hard, especially when things are shiny and new. I suck at them, especially because I am like oh- Kindle books don’t count, but they totally DO COUNT.

    Feel better!

  4. Alexa Y. says:

    I haven’t seen Catching Fire yet either, but I’m going tomorrow with my sister — and I’m excited! Frozen is also out tomorrow, I know, and I can’t wait to watch it either. Perhaps we’ll pull a double and watch them both at once? We shall see. Either way, I am definitely catching that too.

    And your book haul sounds pretty great! I’m glad that you’re able to hold on to your book buying ban and still get some pretty awesome-sounding books too. (Also, hi Pepper! And that mug — is it a mug? — is the cutest!)

  5. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide says:

    I kind of cannot wait to read Roomies. I’m also kind of scared to start because what if it’s exactly like my WIP? (It’s not, but you know. College. I’m afraid I’m writing an un-original novel. SORRY, off topic!!!!)
    I really liked Monument 14! I hope you enjoy it. It’s more post-apocalyptic, not dystopian so it is a bit more “contemporary” I guess! 🙂 Let me know what you think!
    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!!!! So thankful for lovely friends like you ladies!!

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