Sweet Summertime Reads: Summery Drinks, Snacks, & Books (Oh, My!)

Hi you guys! What better way to spend the summer than with an awesome drink or snack paired with an incredible book? Ginger, Tara, Estelle and I are all sharing something sweet (ha! a pun!) with you today – inspired by some of our favorite books. Make sure you check out their blogs for more yummy (or tasty) goodness.


Book of Choice: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
Treat: Iced Coffee.

Remy finds herself, quite frequently, at the coffee shop in the shopping complex where she works fetching her boss’s favorite caffeine-injected drink. They know her by name there. Several pertinent conversations take place at the coffee shop. She runs into Dexter and some of his friends. It’s not a place where she hangs out, but when I reflect back on some pivotal points in the story – they happened near the coffee shop.

Coffee isn’t exactly a “summery” drink, so I scoured Pinterest for the best iced coffee recipe I could find. This one was re-pinned countless times, so I went with it. Please note that the picture for the iced coffee are created by and originally posted on Craving Comfort. You can find the recipe post for the iced coffee here.

Photo from Craving Comfort


Book of Choice: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Treats:  Raspberry Ice Cream and Coconut Ice Cream

It’s a bittersweet moment for Taylor when Henry remembers her favorite ice cream from the local parlor is a combination of raspberry and coconut. His mention of this memory takes her back to the time before things were all screwed up between them. It makes her insides stir because she has hope that maybe there’s a chance they can move past her terrible decision to be friends again.

AH! This memory!

It makes me want to go back to re-read this scene. I loved it so, so much. Of course I had to feature raspberry and coconut ice cream. You can mix the two together if you’d like. I make no promises or guarantees for these being healthy. Our raspberry ice cream recipe is from Epic Baker. I love the pretty photography that makes this ice cream look even more enticing. (As if they’d need to convince me further to eat ice cream…) Pinterest most definitely lead me to both of these recipes.

Photo by Epic Baker

And for our coconut ice cream, I visited Now Resorts & Spa’s blog via Pinterest. Coconut is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, so I will most definitely be making this yummy recipe soon.

Photo by Now Resorts & Spa


Book of Choice: Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando
Treat: Coney Island craft lagers (from Schmaltz Brewing Company)

While I was in the middle of reading Dreamland Social Club I found it extremely fitting to order a Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner when I was out to lunch one afternoon. It was delicious! In the past, I’ve also been known to order the Coney Island Lager, which is a little darker than the Mermaid, but also equally good. I also love the bottle artwork. I know there’s not much to “make” when it comes to beer but I do urge you to go out to your local beer distributor and pick up some Coney Island beer.

coney island beer

As a bonus, for you New Yorkers out there, you can also stop by the brewing company! (My husband and I have already added this to our to-do list.)

Book of Choice: From What I Remember by Valerie Thomas & Stacy Kramer
Treat: Margarita cupcakes

While I haven’t gotten around to reading From What I Remember quite yet (I do plan on reading it while I’m away), I can’t think of anything better than pairing a trip to Mexico with margaritas. One of my favorite snacks to make for parties are margarita cupcakes. It’s a fun task to do with friends and the recipe even TELLS you to drink a margarita while you are baking. How awesome is that? I discovered the recipe a long time ago on Recipe Girl and have been faithfully passing it on since!

From Recipe Girl

Thanks for checking out the recipes we’ll soon be making to enjoy along with our favorite summertime books. Don’t forget to check out Tara and Ginger’s picks!

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