book related PMS survival kit

On a (Very) Personal Note: A PMS Survival Kit

Male readers, I apologize in advance for today’s topic being so … girly. (Actually, maybe take note and make one of these for your significant other. You could win major bonus points for thoughtfulness.) - PMS is such a drag...feeling like a Jekyll and Hyde type of day. Which face should I wear.......decisions decisions.....

Image from Some E Cards

I’m not sure if you ladies are like me, but when I’m all PMS-y and hormonal, there are a few things I find myself needing every. single. month. It’s like a pattern. I get ragey-pants, sad, and have to stay away from sad/depressed people who are woe-is-me all the time because I’m already flipping out because OH MY GOSH I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO DO and MY TO DO LIST IS OVERWHELMING and THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME and ALL I WANT TO DO IS CURL INTO A BALL AND ROCK BACK AND FORTH.

I make one monthly trip to Walgreen’s to grab a few of my PMS staples. A few weeks ago, I was doing just that very thing and realized that, no pun intended, of course, it’s this big cycle. After my trip, I drove home thinking, “Oh, if only I could get Dustyn to make me a survival kit because being a woman sucks.”

I went home and stacked all my purchases into a neat little pile and started gathering a few more things that should be there, and viola!, my completely inappropriate post was born. Here’s what would be in my monthly PMS survival kit:

book related PMS survival kit

So what you see above is:

+ Sprite. Because apparently caffeine will only make us feel worse.

+ Midol Complete. Um, this doesn’t really need an explanation other than HOLY MOTHER I HATE PAIN.

+ Nail polish. Let’s talk about femininity? I feel ugly and disgusting and gross. Painting my nails helps cheer me up and feel a little better. (Yes, yes, I admit — serious polish addict. I know.) This helps me feel a bit more girly and appreciate SOME aspect of womanhood. Pictured here are my Essie Top Coat and Essie Base Coat. And I obsess about this frequently on twitter, but I’m sharing my one of my favorite Julep nail polish colors, Eloise. (In case you’re interested in their Julep Maven program, here’s where you can find out more.)

+ Sour Punch Straws. These are my favorite, favorite treat. Some girls choose ice cream or chocolate, but GIVE ME THE SUGAR. (Yes, I’m aware that I snack like a 10 year old kid.)

+ A Big Ol’ Glass of H2O. Apparently water helps us feel better. As much as it can be (seeing as how 95% of my work is done on my computer) my right hand is glued to my glass of water.

+ Books. I also really want to read a specific type of book during this hellacious week. I want something like Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker (Clem is a little bit emo, I’m a little bit emo. It works.) Or something by Sarah Dessen. (She’s always makes me fall in love with her characters. Shown in these photos is Lock and Key, but I haven’t read it yet. Next month. ;)) Or maybe a book that’s going to break me into a million pieces and let me get out ALL OF MY CRYING. You know, like Morgan Matson’s Second Chance Summer.

magan's pms survival kit with books

I looked down while I was taking these photographs and realized I also dress like a frump. My old lady moccasins are glued to my feet, I wear my favorite old t-shirts and the comfiest pajamas a girl can buy from Target. I snuggle up in blankets and don’t really leave the house (*except for my Walgreen’s trips, I swear).

Things I Thought About After Taking Photographs:

+ Music. This is usually when I’ll change the station in my car 100,000 times because nothing fits my mood and everything is just too sad. But! If I find someone I like, I listen to them over and over and over again. Usually this person is uplifting and happy to pull me out of my self-loathing funk.

+ Take Out Dinner. Because a) I don’t feel like cooking and b) I look like a frump and c) I’m doubled over in pain.

+ Flowers. Sometimes I buy myself cheap little $5 bouquets of flowers just to cheer myself up.

+ Movies. Anyone else think this is a good time to watch The Notebook over and over and over again?

*I just realized the people at Walgreen’s must laugh at me when I leave the store. I’m always all “hey, yeah, these sour punch straws aren’t for me….” in my head, but I’m sure my Midol purchase is a dead giveaway.

– – –

So, yup. I just like to be holed away and remind myself that the world isn’t ending (even if it feels like my uterus hates me). What would you add to my Survival Kit? Any book recommendations that seem like they’d fit the bill for me?