A Book Blogger Dinner: a video

Happy Thursday, friends!

IT IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND! Oh, how excited I am to have some time to sit and read and relax. As you know from my NYC re-cap post last week, I hung out with Alexa and Estelle while I was in their neck of the woods. I didn’t share this special something last week because a) I didn’t have enough time to edit/post it and b) this was my first video shot with my camera and that was a whole different story. Pictures I can do, but video is … different.

Anyway, this video doesn’t really have a point other than to share how much I love these girls. We had so much fun at our book blogger dinner and every. single. time I watch this, I laugh hysterically at my desk. I miss them so much and wish this could happen often. I hope our silliness brings you a bit of joy. 🙂

(*In case you don’t know who we are… Alexa and Estelle are sitting together first. Alexa on the left, Estelle on the right. Then Alexa moves to sit with me (Magan). I’m wearing a white cardigan.*)