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I’m not going to be the person to ask you what your sign is, but something about horoscopes really fascinates me. I’m sitting here reading about Aquarius (who said Pub Date wasn’t educational), and I’m wondering how people decide which advice to trust, which traits really fall under the umbrella of this horoscope. I read something today that said Aquarians were near geniuses and another that said we were always searching for the meaning of life. I don’t think I’m anything close to a near genius but I am an over thinker, I like to understand things. But the real holy shit moment was this:

To Aquarius, compassion is not an emotion, but a conclusion. You have ideals and you cherish them, because you know they lead to a better world for all. Therefore, Aquarius tends to be altruistic even at great personal costs. Others admire that, but to Aquarius it’s self-explanatory: We must be benevolent to our fellow human beings for the benefit of all of us. That makes sense.


Now that my mind is blown, I’ll share my beer. As the ‘water bearer’, I went for Heavy Seas Smooth Sail Summer Ale (the website rightfully calls it a ‘pool beer’). I’m hanging on to the last few weeks of summer, and this is the perfect accomplice. It’s light, comes in a can, and goes down so easy. (Unfortunately, you might have to put this on your wish list for next year because if your grocery store is anything like mine, it’s full of pumpkin beer already.)

I’m not sure if my book relates to the beer at all. In fact, I think it relates more to Aquarius and how we like to understand even the most difficult things in life. The Last Leaves Falling by Sarah Benwell about a high school student named Sora dealing with an ALS diagnosis. He can’t go back to school (he loves literature and dreams of being a professor) and he’s slowly losing his motor skills. Throughout the book (which is so quietly written), he’s trying to come to terms with death and what happens after. It’s a beautiful (though heartbreaking) book with a wonderful mom, surprising new friends (from the internet!), and lovely grandparents. I completely loved it. I hope you’ll check it out.

Smooth Sail Summer and The Last Leaves Falling

That’s it for me, and this #PubDate. Hope you have a great month, and some wonderful brews and books! xoxo

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First and Fresh | Pub Date

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It’s officially spring in New York City. I know this because I bought my first iced coffee of the season at lunch yesterday and the pull toward bright, lighter clothing is so strong. I am resisting but one thing I can’t resist are all the spring beers available on tap. If you are a little nervous about beer, I feel like spring is a good time to do a few tastings. Everything is light! (But it tastes better than anything labeled “light” or “lite” — score!)

This month, we’re getting into the spirit of Earth Day and in the spirit of recycling and reusing I’m going to chat about a beer I’ve had before but had again recently: Captain Lawrence’s Freshchester Pale Ale. It’s wheat-y, it’s light and it goes down so easily… you could probably have three and not even realize it. Bonus: this beer is recommended to be paired with pizza or Mexican food. Does it get any better?

It does! I am so pumped for my book recommendation today.

First There Was Forever and Freshchester Pale Ale

First There Was Forever by debut writer Juliana Romano pubs on the 14th of this month and in the spirit of Earth Day, the main character, Lima, loves to garden, her mom’s big into health food, and they love to go to the farmer’s market. She’s only 16 but she’s sort of an old soul and that’s probably why I felt for her so much when her best friend starts to change and life gets complicated very quickly. One of my favorite books this year, the cover is beautiful, and the inside will certainly get your heart pumping and your toes dying for a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

I have a hunch we’re in for a lovely spring — whether we’re talking brews or books. Go out there and have an adventure, okay?


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