Sweet Summertime Reads: Wonderful, Cute + Kind of Perfect (Dates)

Sweet Summertime Reads - Summer Beach Reads Feature

Hi, friends! Today we are sharing one of the books we both adored this year: Sean Griswold’s Head by Lindsey Leavitt. Main character Payton does not react well when she accidentally finds out her dad has MS. She stops talking to her parents, and when the school counselor gets involved she asks Payton to choose a focus object. Enter Sean Griswold’s head — a staple in her school life since forever.

So why is this title so underrated? It has a supportive family, a sweet love interest, and a great best friendship. Seriously — the two of us have been secretly crushing on Sean Griswold since we “met” him and decided to feature unique and romantic summer dates inspired by his relationship with Payton.

A bike ride.

It turns out that after years of staring at Sean Griswold’s head… Payton doesn’t actually know anything about him. Turns out he is majorly into bike riding, and one of their first hang outs includes this very activity. I know, I know… it doesn’t seem super romantic but it’s DIFFERENT and totally Sean sharing one of his passions with Payton.

date idea inspired by sean griswold's head by lindsey leavitt

NYC Engagement Session found on CycleStyle Australia

You might make a total fool out of yourself in front of the other person, but you know what — it’s fun to let your guard down and do something totally out of the ordinary. Plus a bike ride could include a trip to the park, and a picnic and stargazing. This sounds pretty awesome to us!


Before Payton finds out that her dad has MS, basketball is HER sport. This doesn’t exactly turn out to be a romantic moment in the books but the idea of friendly competition with your main squeeze? So cute. You are outside, the weather is gorgeous, and you are hoping your partner just doesn’t LET you win because you want it to happen fair and square.

Basketball Engagement Session by Joshua & Co. Photography

Plus, it’s a great excuse to get a little bit closer.

(Estelle note: I remember playing basketball with the boys in middle school and it was the best way to flirt. Really.)

Ice Cream.

We know our friend Novel Sounds is going to appreciate this one. Sure, it’s simple and not the most groundbreaking idea but there’s nothing like sharing ice cream on a warm summer’s day. Maybe after a bike ride or that neck-and-neck basketball game? Ice cream is pretty perfect in any situation and we recommend you have as much as possible with that special one. (We can’t give away when and why this happens in the book but we’ll put it this way: Payton challenges herself many times in this book and everyone needs a sweet reward.)

Ice Cream Engagement Session by Tanya Malay courtesy of Weddings Illustrated

We hope you and your significant other can try out a few of these date ideas inspired by Sean Griswold’s Head. And definitely, definitely pick up this book by Lindsey Leavitt. The sweet romance is oh-so-perfect for these long summer days. Enjoy!


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