themed gift idea for welcome caller this is chloe book

Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe Themed Gift-Pack


Welcome, readers! Estelle and I are so excited to be doing something fun over the next couple of weeks to help you guys get creative with your gift purchases. We’re choosing books that we loved and pairing them with items you could give along with it. The items we’ve chosen are drawn from the books — the character’s style, activities, musical preferences, etc. We hope you love it as much as we’ve loved putting these together.

First up is a book Estelle and I have both loved, Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe by Shelley Coriell. (My Review) Chloe is a spunky character with a lot of personality. She made us laugh out loud and really feel for her as she went through a bad breakup with her friends. We loved her grandmother and swooned over her love interest, Duncan. Pick up a copy of the book and maybe an item or two from below and gift this Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe themed gift-pack to a friend!

themed gift idea for welcome caller this is chloe book

01. MMM… Burritos Shirt, $21.00 — Chloe works in a fast-food Mexican restaurant. She spends a bunch of time dressed up like a burrito, on the streets passing out coupons to passerby. Any Chloe-themed gift pack would need a burrito t-shirt. Some of the scenes where Chloe was at work had my mouth watering for Mexican food.

02. Blue Retro Headphones — This Chloe-themed gift pack would be perfect for a music lover. Chloe works at the school’s dying radio station and has to fight to keep it from being shut down. Inspired by the awesome blue headphones she’s wearing on the cover, I think these would be awesome to include as a gift.

03. iTunes Gift Card — If you’re not sure what kind of music your friend is into, gift cards are awesome. You can customize your gift cards from Apple and they have really cute Christmas-y ones available right now.

04 and 05. The Lumineers Album, Mumford and Sons’ Babel — Maybe you need some music recommendations and would rather include albums instead of a gift card (I always prefer giving something I’ve chosen instead of handing over a gift card. It feels more personal, like I put more time into purchasing the gift.) These are a few of my current favorites I’m sure Chloe would approve of.

06. Dainty Dramatist Heel in Cream, $80.00 — So these aren’t true vintage like the ones Chloe scours for, but um, I kind of love them. They have these shoes in cream or in fun a fun mint color. Want, want, want. Please notify my husband. Size seven and a half, please.

07. Red Loofa, Pink Light Up Rubber Ducky, Stress Relief Bar Soap, and Bubble Bath — Chloe and her grandmother (whom she’s extremely close to) keep up with their soaps. Maybe you could include these and see if your friend could figure out their significance after reading the book?

08. Microphone iPhone Case Cover, $8.85 — Chloe is a girl who likes to talk. She gives advice to callers and helps them fix their problems. Sometimes her talking gets her in trouble, but she’s overall kind and extremely thoughtful.