Books, Hats, and Cheer: 2012 Holidays!

I may or may not be humming the theme from “Home Alone” as I write this.

Okay, fine. I am.

Hope all of you are keeping the holiday spirit alive this weekend! It’s a bit colder in New York, and there was a good amount of snow this afternoon. (Not much of it stuck to the ground though… it just blew into my eyes instead.)

It’s been a really great few weeks of celebrating the holidays, and as I’m sure you can assume, I’m going to be sad to let it go. (So we’ll see how long I can get away with keeping my Christmas tree up. I’ll keep you posted.)

I wanted to share a few of my own holiday highlights with you!

Highlights from 2012 Christmas - Estelle

From left to right:

♥ My sister bought me this adorable Red Velvet hat! I love cupcakes, and I’ve been proudly wearing it through the streets since the day after Christmas. This is actually the picture I sent Magan on Christmas Day. Not the prettiest + I also forgot to turn the label. Much too much eggnog. (Also, I read Sarah Oakler’s Bittersweet while wearing this hat and it couldn’t have been more perfect.)

♥ I hiked down to the post office this week to retrieve a thoughtful and lovely gift from Magan! Here are two of my favorite treasures: a Nook “sweater” (as I like to call it) from Etsy + a gorgeous necklace from Kendra Scott.

♥ James and I on Christmas Day! My parents surprised me with a FujiFilm Instax camera + I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to snap more pics + maybe do a photo collage in my apartment.

♥ Tara (Fiction Folio) knows me so well. Perfect bookmark for me!

♥ A bookmark in a Christmas card? Alexa is such a genius and this really is one of my favorite quotes!

♥ Big, huge thanks to my friend Nisha for gifting me this lovely stack of books for the holidays! I was so surprised! I already devoured Bittersweet, and can’t wait to get to the rest! [Along for the Ride, Never Enough, and Leverage.]

And there you have it, my holiday in a nut shell!

What were some of your favorite moments? Bookish or not? 🙂