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We made it! Another week in the bag — and I hope it was a great one. I’m so excited for this month’s PUB DATE theme. We’re roping our friends (outside of the #pubdate square) to pair their own books and brews. Today I’m happy to feature Nisha, one of my closet friends and someone I’ve known since kindergarten. (In fact, she’s no stranger to the blog. She helped out for this Dive Into Diversity Q&A from earlier in the year.)

Like me, she’s a beer and book nerd but like she reminded me many times during her guest posting duties, she is an accountant for a reason. (I say BLAH to that. She’s being way too hard on herself.) Other things to know about Nisha? She’s a jetsetter (my mom is always inquiring about her next trip), she’s mega close to her family, and she allows me to lend her 20 hardcovers at a time. (I am a walking library!) But let’s get to the real stuff… welcome Nisha as she takes the floor…

For me turning 30 is a big deal so I’ve decided to start it off with something a little exciting. My birthday is less than a month away and I’m headed down to New Orleans to celebrate! I’ve never been and am excited to make new memories with my cousins, seeing new sights and experiencing the New Orleans culture. I’m also really excited to try the local beer! This is a must every place I visit and after doing some research, at the top of my list right now is the NOLA Blonde Ale. It was the very first ale created by the NOLA Brewing team and is described as traditional American blonde ale with floral and citrusy hops. I can already taste it!

This beer represents the start of a new chapter in my life. Change is on its way and I have to learn that I can’t control everything. It’s similar to what Julia experiences in Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill.

Book Cover for Meant to Be by Lauren MorrillShe isn’t one to break the rules. She is so prepared for everything that she plans her school trip to London down to the very last detail. Until she is paired up with Jason… her complete opposite. He’s very laid back and spontaneous, probably Julia’s worst nightmare. When Julia starts receiving messages from a secret admirer,  she enlists Jason’s help and we get some more rule breaking and chance taking. Jason’s methods allow Julia to experience London much differently than she had planned and learn that you can’t always be prepared for everything thrown your way. You just have to enjoy the ride. A lesson we can certainly all be reminded of every now and then.


Thanks so much for stopping in, Nisha! Hope you pack some great books for your NOLA trip and keep us posted about all the local beer you get to sample.

Cheers & happy reading! xo

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