Estelle: Expecting by Ann Lewis Hamilton

Expecting by Ann HamiltonExpecting by Ann Lewis Hamilton ( web | facebook )
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 340
Target audience: Adult
Keywords: pregnancy, miscarriages, fertility treatment, unconventional families
Format read: ARC from Publisher via NetGalley. (Thanks!)

Summary: After suffering two miscarriages, Laurie and Alan are thrilled when their fertility treatment takes & “Buddy” is on his way to them. But news from the treatment center changes things, challenging their marriage, and altering how the two think of their family and Buddy’s future.

One thing that really struck me about Laurie and Alan’s marriage was how laidback it was. They laughed together, they went on adventures, and it’s not until they are about to embark on a different adventure that things start to unravel for the two. Ann Lewis Hamilton gives us an honest and (at times) heartbreaking look into how partnerships are affected when unexplained tragedies occur. Why do some couples conceive so easily and why do others not have that same kind of luck?

Post-happy news after a visit to the fertility treatment brings some unusual revelations. An angry employee has switched all the vials, and it seems that Laurie is not having Alan’s baby but someone else’s. Now, Jack, 5-year college student, juggler of multiple girlfriends, enters their lives. Laurie is focused on making the best of the situation and having some sort of relationship with him, while Alan can’t help but feel insecure about his role in the family now. (One of Alan’s big concerns is how his son will most likely not look like him because Jack is Indian.)

Expecting shifts POVs between Laurie, Alan, and Jack so the readers are privy to their innermost thoughts — sad, happy, angry, and mean — and it was a treat to watch how these three took an accident and made it work for them. There were a ton of road blocks along the way, but Jack injected a breath of fresh air into the story and really made it work for me. I loved his growing friendship with Laurie, and how much he thought about Buddy, even when Buddy was someone he never imagined caring about. (Not cool he was dating two girls at once but the personalities of both girls were fantastic and made for some very comical moments in the story.)

There were parts of the story that dragged for me, and Expecting took me longer to read than usual. Was it the lack of urgency? Sometimes a lack of connection with the characters? I think so, but it didn’t stop be from enjoying the high moments and sympathizing when life was so messy and out of control. Hamilton allowed us to see the weaker sides of these characters, and I appreciated the authenticity.

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