We’re Celebrating Our Friendiversary!

It’s true that you never know where you are going to meet the love of your life. Or in this case, one of your best friends. Three years ago, this week Magan was on her way to “work” at a wedding in Austin and Estelle was putting on a mint green dress to watch one of her best friends walk down the aisle. It sounds like the beginning of a strange love story, doesn’t it? So unsuspected that a comment about books would lead to many Twitter chats, Facebook friendship, and the nugget of an idea to start what would become Rather Be Reading.

Magan and Estelle in Austin 2013

Having too much fun at Urban Outfitters in 2013.

Over the course of these three years, we’ve helped/coached/cheered each other through some pretty major life moments. We thought it would only be fitting to celebrate our friendiversary by acknowledging and celebrating some of our favorite bookish friendships. (Note to authors: we want more of these!)


Female Friendship in YA

Past Perfect, in general, is full of some of the most honest characters I’ve ever met and this is probably my number one quality in a friend. Because, you know what, it is not easy to say how you feel all the time. So to see it in Fiona and Chelsea, especially when Chelsea is having such trouble getting over a breakup — I think it said a lot about how confident they were in their friendship and how much they trusted each other. They weren’t afraid to hurt each other’s feelings, and knew it wasn’t helpful just to say what the other wanted to hear. These are the pivotal moments where friendships grow stronger. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to be myself around Magan, and knowing that she always has my best interest at heart.

And then there is Maggie and Roux. Their upbringing couldn’t be any more different but they also have so much in common. (Kind of loners at the beginning of this series.) But you know, they totally have each other’s backs. No matter what. Even when things get super hard and don’t make any sense. I especially love how Maggie’s family adopts Roux as one of their own — no questions asked. (I’ve hijacked some Blasig family vacas and they always make me feel so welcome.) I love how much fun they have together despite all the drama, and they just make me smile. (Minus the whole saving the world part, I feel this same way about M. We laugh so much when we are together, and I miss that as soon as our visits end.)


magan and estelle of rather be reading

If you’ve read either of my two book selections, maybe you’re tilting your head to the side wondering why I chose these. Throughout the course of the last year, especially, I’ve really been overwhelmed with love and support by my friends. Estelle specifically. I’ve gone through some of the most emotional and trying times of my life and admittedly this has caused me to withdraw a bit from life to focus on the chaos. What I loved most about Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller was how Kat, Callie’s cousin and self-imposed BFF, pursued Callie. Callie was a very distant girl who didn’t easily make connections because of how disruptive her lifestyle had been with her mother — never laying down roots. But Kat was adamant about getting to know Callie and wanting to be part of her life. Throughout this year, when I was having super tough days and didn’t particularly want to work through my emotions, Estelle has done the same thing for me — she’s been there. She’s been a rock and she’s allowed me to work through all my crazy and helped me sort through what’s going on so I’m not trudging through it alone.

As for my second choice, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell … how can you NOT love Cath and Reagan’s friendship? I loved their oddball pairing — they’re college roommates not by their own choosing, but the forcefulness of the situation provides the opportunity for these two girls to get to know one another. You could say that essentially this is a lot like Estelle and I. We didn’t know we were going to meet. The situation we were both in that day provided the opportunity and it’s led to a beautiful, lifelong friendship. I’m certain Cath and Reagan would keep in touch forever… don’t you think?


We’d love to hear about home of your favorite friendships in YA. (Female or not.)
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Now go hug your best friend! xo