Tune in Tuesday: Sweet Summertime Sounds

Summer soundtracks are just as important as vacation and a good book. Magan and I are teaming up with Ginger (GReadsBooks) and Tara (Fiction Folio) to bring you some of our favorite tunes for the warm months with today’s Tune in Tuesday. (A lovely feature that is constantly causing us to buy new music.)

By the way, if you are a Spotify user, be sure to check out the Sweet Summertime Reads playlist we have been perfecting for quite some time!


I’m a huge country fan. Country/pop, I guess? But I absolutely love Luke Bryan. I think his voice is so sexy and his songs would make for a great YA book. Here’s one I can’t stop listening to:

Drunk on You by Luke Bryan (I also love “I Don’t Want this Night to End” if you want another recommendation.)

I don’t want to overwhelm you with country so here instead is a theater song. Bonnie & Clyde is a musical that played for about a month on Broadway. I saw it and absolutely loved the music. In fact, I am constantly humming it. (It closed because of bad reviews… ridiculous reviews.) Anyway, Jeremy Jordan is now in Newsies on Broadway but I still absolutely love this song he & Claybourne Elder sing from Bonnie & Clyde. I want to sing it in my car.

“When I Drive” from Bonnie & Clyde the Musical.


When it comes to music, I am ALL OVER THE PLACE. I listen to just about everything. I haven’t heard “the song” for summer to pop up on the radio yet, but I’ve been paying attention to songs that have made me really happy as I’ve listened to Spotify / Pandora / the radio / my iPod.

“Under Pressure” by Queen – this song just makes me want to get up, jump around, and shake my butt ridiculously. I can’t help it – it just puts me in a fantastic mood every time I hear it.

“We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe” by Fun.

Okay, yes. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve only listened to this song 100,000,000 times. Actually the entire album. I’m in love with it. My husband and I turn it up so loud every time we play it.

All right, y’all, tell us what your favorite summer picks are!