DIY Bookish Gifts for Your Friends

The saying goes that Christmastime is the best time of the year… but it can also be one of the most expensive. I’m a girl who loves a good DIY project and the fact that I can customize the gift to my friend’s specific liking. My sister was thrilled last year when I made her a wreath for her first apartment as part of her gift. When she hung it on her door, she texted me a picture of it. When she later moved to a new apartment, I received another text from her showing me that she was still enjoying it in her new place.

It felt so, so great to know that my sister loved the gift I spent a few hours making for her. It was a way we stayed connected and it helped me (much to my husband’s surprise excitement) stay on budget.

I’ve pulled a few DIY bookish gifts you could make and gift your friends. If you’ve seen something that you love (and maybe have pinned on pinterest), please share the link below!

*Please note — all images taken of the projects are borrowed from the sites linked with the instructions below.

DIY Bookish Projects

01. Decorative Wreath Made Out of Book Pages — I need this in my life. I think I would flip a lid if someone gifted me with this. Lindsay, the blogger who posted this wreath tutorial, spent $2 making this wreath compared to the $40-50 she saw it being sold for. Ah-mazing! 

02. Vintage Book DIY Garland — I’m pretty sure I should make my Christmas tree book-themed next year. This would be spectacular. I love this garland because it could really be left out all year. I would love to have it draped over my bookshelves in my living room.

03. DIY Telephone Bookends — I don’t know about you guys, but bookends can sometimes be a little underwhelming. Finding an item your book-loving friend loves and turning it into a bookend is a fantastic idea. Love the vintage feel of these telephones. And the fact that I just said vintage and remember using them growing up makes me feel super old.

04. Yarn Ball (Pom) Bookmarks — Ok, so I always, always lose bookmarks. Always. If I received a bundle of these, I’d be a happy girl. A skein of yarn is a few dollars and will make tons and tons of these guys. I want some of these just to be cute and decorative in my books on the shelves.

gift ideas for book lovers

05. DIY Kindle or Nook Cover — Every e-reader owner I know (myself & E included) is always on the lookout for an adorable cover. It’s hard to find one that’s not overly priced and super chunky. Why not make one for your friend? You could have a field day with fun fabrics. I know if a friend made one for me, I’d be over the moon. That’s thoughtful, friends.

06. DIY Pillow with Stenciled Quote — I don’t think this project was originally suggested as a bookish project, but if you knew a quote from one of your friend’s favorite books, you could easily stencil it on burlap and whip together a custom pillow for him or her.

custom note cards and DIY magnet board with scrabble letters

07. Custom Watercolor Note Cards — This photograph is for cards that say “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” BUT I think they’d make awesome custom cards for a friend. Make a series of cards from one book or a set of random favorite quotes – any way you do it, this is awesome!

08. DIY Magnet Board with Scrabble Piece Letters — Is anyone else super obsessed with scrabble letters? This project seems so simple and so impactful. What a fun way to incorporate book pages and make it a useful gift too!

Estelle: For the Book Obsessed

Happy Friday!

Earlier this week, Magan conjured up a list of books for those who may be apprehensive about reading the young adult genre.

I’m going to take the other extreme and give you ideas for your friends and family WHO love to read but their roof may cave in if you gave them another book. (Many of you may relate to this.)

(Oh, how I wish I could share the gift I bought for Magan this year on this post. But sadly, it’s still a surprise.)

So there are some alternate suggestions for the book lovers in your life:

Rather Be Reading Blog Shopping Guide - For the Book Obsessed

1.Notable and Quotable Postcards from Penguin Books: Would love to use these babies as decor in my apartment, bookmarks, or even to send to your pals (maybe with books!!)

2. Ideal Bookshelf: This is one of my favorite gift ideas. I’ve bought these for friends and myself. Such a fun way to display your love of reading. Jane Mount is so talented, her detail is so amazing + she is certain to have a bookshelf available that you love. She also just came out with a coffee table book (it’s beautiful) and postcards of the prints are available!

3. Aerie Slouchy Boyfriend Pants: No joke, I wish I could live in these pants 24/7. What reader in your life doesn’t need the most comfortable, cloud-like lounge pants in the universe? Probably one of the best wardrobe pieces I’ve bought all year. In fact, I’m wearing them as we speak.

4. Bookends from KnobCreekMetalArts: Magan and I were ohhing and ahhing over this entire etsy shop one afternoon. I love the bikes best, but there are guitars, sayings, and more. I think bookends are such an overlooked decor piece, and I can’t wait to get some new ones to fill my house. (And hey, every time the lucky gift recipient looks at them, they’ll know they are from you!)

5. Schuyler Fisk: Sounds of the Holiday: I should have included this in my Baby-Sitters Club roundup but I totally forgot. (Thanks to Rachel for the reminder!) If you remember Schuyler played Kristy Thomas in the BSC Movie way back when. Now she is a musician and I really enjoy her music. Any BSC fan will know who she is! 🙂

6. Plot Your Course Passport Cover: Penguin stuff is just too cute. Love this passport cover. I’m always looking for one. (It’s great if you are just carrying cash and cards on a trip too.)

7. Strand Pouch: The Strand is an awesome bookstore in NYC, and I love their bags. You can buy them online + how cute is this owl design on a pouch? I keep something like this in my bag for pens, perfume, and 100 lipsticks or so.

8. Book Lover’s Journal: My husband surprised me with this last year for Christmas and it came quite in handy for me to slip into my purse and take notes. (That was one of my new year’s resolutions for reading… and I have kept up with it most of the year so yay for a good gift from the husband.)

9. Anne Taintor Sticky Pads: Oh gee. I love Anne Taintor and her snarky ladies. I thought this “#%&@*!!!!!!” pad was best for those moments in books when we are so so so excited/angry/intensely in it.

P.S. Those for you on the prowl for ideas for the men in your life… still thinking number 2, 4, and 6 could work out really well for you!