Tune in Tuesday: My Teen Self #1


I’m so excited to take part in GReads’ Tune in Tuesday this month for an excellent theme: songs I listened to when I was a teenager. This is going to be so much fun and — I am just imagining — incredibly angsty. Oh the joys of high school. Pre-iPod! Listening to mix cassette tapes on band trips, exchanging mixes on CDs, and how a lot of my music taste was influenced by songs I was twirling to in band.

Today’s songs are some I learned of from one of my classmates/super good friends, Karina, (who may or may not read this! Hi friend!) in our junior year creative writing class. She and I always ended up partners somehow or sitting next to each other. I had this notebook that I would COVER in notes and lyrics. I still have it somewhere. Anyway she was always doing the same thing and introduced me to Alana Davis, Plumb, Ginny Owens, and Avril Lavigne. Enjoy! – Estelle

Alana Davis: 32 Flavors. (I had no idea this was a cover of an Ani DiFranco song.)

Plumb: Here With Me

Ginny Owens: If You Want Me To

Avril Lavigne: Complicated

Oh geez… I think I have to go write in my journal now. haha. Oh high school.