Tune in Tuesday: Teen Self #2 (You + Me = Chemistry)

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Well, hello again! Time for another trip into Estelle’s teen music library! This one comes with a story. So a long long time ago, I had a crush on a boy in my Chemistry class. After an entire year of talking very infrequently, I decide I have a crush on him and that I want to ask him to our annual marching band holiday dance. I finally muster up the courage to ask him to the dance and he’s totally into it, very friendly and great… and I’m so excited… I’m bouncing up and down the hallways to lunch and practically crying in happiness. (I’m not sure I ever asked anyone out before.)

We have this perfect movie moment at the dance. Like we’re slow dancing in the middle of the floor and it seems like no one else is there, kind of moment.

After the dance, we stay up all night driving and I kiss him. Of course things are happy and wonderful for awhile.

We even have a song.

God knows why we thought this was romantic. But I do remember liking this lyric: Satellite in my eyes / Like a diamond in the sky / How I wonder.

Anyway, after a few months of goodness. Things got a little strange. He almost couldn’t make it to my junior prom. He did but was sort of distant. Then I find out, a few months later, through the grapevine that he asked someone else to prom. Whoa. I was pretty much a wreck. He convinced me that it wasn’t anything personal, blah blah, he still liked me, blah blah. You know the drill. Things spiraled after that. We even had an awesome showdown in a parking lot, Dawson’s Creek style at a mutual friend’s graduation party. Awesome mascara running down the cheeks, I’m leaving early kind of thing.

Best lyric ever: I’m missing your laugh / How did it break? / And when did your eyes Begin to look fake? / I hope you were as happy as your pretending.

So that was fun. My friends and I may or may not have honeyed his car a few months afterwards. I saw him again the following year in Starbucks and he tried to be nice, but I just couldn’t do it.

At least now I can look back at everything and smile… and still feel a bit bitter, right?

(Seriously, I hope he’s doing well somewhere… kind of.)