Being Married to a Reader: Gazing Lovingly at… Books

I’m not even sure how it came up, but Jamie of the Perpetual Page Turner and I were inspired to write these posts when we were talking about our husbands and reading one day. We thought it was funny how my husband was a reader and hers wasn’t. In my head I thought: HOW DOES THAT WORK!? Well, folks, we answer all your burning questions about marriage and reading today. Well, we try to absolutely show that both ways can work for us book nerds. Be sure to stop over at Jamie’s post today to uncover the mysteries of “I’m married to a non-reader“.

But first…


Every night in our apartment ends the same.

We’re practically salivating for the moment we end up here.

Rather Be Reading Blog Married to a Reader Our Bed

Hey now. Obviously, I am talking about the magic that occurs every night when James and I lay side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder reading our latest books.

I’ll be honest. James and I are pretty different. He hates to buy new clothes; I’m kind of a shopaholic. He loves heavy metal music and I’m a country music fan. He’s definitely way more patient than I am. He’s also more of a cook while I am a baker. But I guess after eight years together (and 2 years of marriage), all of those details are just small parts of our relationship. We share a love of beer, exploring our new city, dreaming about Disney trips, and, of course, as proud English majors, there is the reading thing.

Rather Be Reading Blog Married to a Reader Our Bookshelves

Facts about our reading habits:

→ I buy more books than he does.
→ I read all different times a day, and he only reads at night.
→ He hates reading on his iPad. I quite like my Nook.
→ I take it super personally when he turns on his side to read in bed. (It’s silly, I know.)
→ Our bookshelves are mostly filled with my books.
→ He’s not a fan of YA. (Don’t faint, people.) But The Phantom Tollbooth is one of his favorites.
→ You can ask Alexa and Rachel. He is very good at keeping busy when I’m on a book shopping spree.
→ When we visit new towns, we really like to find a new local bookstore to check out. (Geeky!)
→ Ignoring is love when you are both reading on a beach. Just a tip.
→ Probably my favorite fact of all? Our book-themed wedding!

I’m no expert on marriage but it’s kind of nice to know I can come home, throw on my comfy clothes, and cuddle up to my guy and not talk for a little bit. I like to think that a successful relationship is about accepting each other’s passions, maybe dipping into them a little bit to show support, and allowing each other to grow separately and as a unit. And as certified bookworm, it’s comforting to know that someone loves the library as much as I do.

In fact, it’s kind of sexy.

Whether we are like this:

Rather Be Reading Blog Married to a Reader On the Beach

Or this:

Rather Be Reading James and Estelle on Vacation

BONUS CONTENT: Meet James (cameo voice over by Pepper the Cat)


Now it’s your turn! Do you and your partner both like to read? Is it great? Or is it not a huge deal to you?

Be sure to spill in the comment section!

Psst. Don’t forget to stop over at Jamie’s blog!