Life in Outer Space (Character Gift Exchange)

There’s nothing better than being completely charmed and surprised by a book.

When I first opened Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil (a book I’ve had sitting on my shelf since May — I’m terrible), I had no idea I would fall for it so hard. It’s set in Australia (yay Aussie writers!) and tells the story of Sam and his friends. Sam is a total film enthusiast (kind of a Dawson but not as melodramatic) but sort of flies under the radar at his school. When the worldly and super gorgeous Camilla moves to town and becomes a part of their friendship group, Sam’s boring life transforms into quite the opposite. The friendships, the romance, and Sam’s thoughts (he’s hilarious) made this book so hard to put down. I loved all of it so much.

Since Camilla and Sam are such vibrant characters, I kept asking myself: what would they get each other for the holidays? So this is what you are going to be seeing today. I hope it gives you more insight into these awesome (genuine) characters and inspires you to pick up Keil’s book. (I’m pretty much want to gift this to everyone I know.)

Life in Outer Space Gift Exchange Sam to Camilla

Fujifilm Instax Camera | Bon Voyage Journal | Difference Between White & Saffron Dress

With Camilla moving around so much, she really wants some stability. Early in the book, the author talks about pictures she has up in her room and she’s hoping this is a way to show her dad that she really wants to say in town this time. I kept thinking how much these Instax pictures would look on her wall, especially with the new connections she is making with Sam and his friends.

The journal serves two purposes: Camilla travels a lot to see her mother but she also writes her own songs. I feel like she would be old school about it and write it in a book, instead of on a phone.

And the dress? Sam is too cute and seems to always notice what Camilla is wearing and how her hair looks. (She wears Princess Leia buns at one point, and he basically goes nuts inside.) There’s a yellow sundress that is mentioned a few times in the book, and who ever has enough yellow dresses? (I like the belt!)

Life in Outer Space Gift Exchange Camilla to Sam

Movie Monsters Guitar Strap | Give Empires a Chance T-Shirt | Star Wars Mad Libs |Film Listography | Slasher Movie Book

I feel like Sam would be so fun to shop for if he was my guy (or even just my friend). He wears vintage t-shirts, he loves movies, and during the book, he gets into music. Boys can be so hard to shop for but because his hobbies equate to an endless collection of things. I’m sad though because I saw a shirt called “future screenwriter” in a museum last weekend and I can’t find it online. Boo!

Honestly, I think Camilla is probably one of the most thoughtful and adventurous gift givers and I can only imagine what she would really do for Sam for the holidays.


Hope you enjoyed this little feature today! If you are looking for a solid YA with a male POV that covers divorce, changing friendships, high school antics, popularity, and being scared shitless of falling in love? Life in Outer Space is where it is at! Be sure to check it out. Promise?

Life in Outer Space on Goodreads | Amazon

Estelle’s Shelve It (Friday Edition): 5/31/2013

weekly feature to share the books magan and estelle are adding to their bookshelves each week

I CANNOT believe that tomorrow is June 1. Where oh where is this year going?

Hope you guys are keeping cool and gearing up for a fun weekend! It’s been so fun meeting book bloggers who are here in NYC for BEA. Like a complete whirlwind of a week actually. I’ll be so sad to see everyone go 🙁 Before I chat about some of the books I received during BEA events in the past few days (eee! I am excited about them), I did want to highlight a few others I’ve been hoarding first. Hence my v-log featuring new glasses and one of my favorite dresses.

Enjoy this Shelve It!!

(I hope my AC is not too loud.)

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The Star Attraction by Alison Sweeney


(Thanks to Cassie from Books with Cass!)

Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy
Beautiful Ruins by Jessica Walter
How Zoe Made Her Dreams Come True by Sarah Strohmeyer


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